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Oct 11, 2005 05:24 PM

Best Steakhouse in LA

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Alright, I'm thinking/hoping that this will prompt some good discussion, but I'm curious as to what people think is the best place to get a steak in Los Angeles. So far I've been to:

Mastros (owner of the crown for now. Fantastic filet)
Boa (nice atmosphere, steaks were decent)
Dakota (good fries, steak not so much that good)

Friends are threatening to go to the Lodge this weekend, but I've read nothing but bad things (with the exception of the lukewarm Los Angeles magazine review).

I guess I'm kind of a steak snob (I was raised in Calgary, which has a lot of cows), but any input would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I personally really enjoy Nick & Stefs Downtown L.A.
    I've had it on a couple occasions and each time it's been a really good experience. They prepare a great Caesar salad table side.

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    1. re: MB Foodie
      Biff Wellington

      Thanks so much for all of the input. I guess at this point I'm just a little confused. When someone mentions Morton's, should I assume that it's not Arnie Morton's? Stupid steakhouses and their deceptively similar names...

      Thanks again!

      1. re: Biff Wellington

        Arnie Morton's is used here in LA area because Arnie's kid, Peter(also co-developer of the Hard Rock Cafe chain), had opened a place called Morton's at Melrose and Robertson around 20 years ago, and light years before Morton's of Chicago arrived on the local scene where the name was already registered. In the rest of the country you will find it called Morton's.

    2. to get good steak you have to start with good steak - allen bros is the top place in the us to get steaks and i know of only one place in la that gets it from them, mortons in bh - its worth a call to find out who the supplier is, I love the lodge for everything but the steaks, they are a great operation for hanging out and having a fun time, but the steaks suck and they know it. if you get the ny @ mortons and don't like it then you don't like steak - it 3"+ and 24oz, more than enough to split for 2 and actually a good deal these days @ $40 imo

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      1. re: Kurt

        Is there anyplace (traditional steakhouse or otherwise) in Southern California that serves Lobel's steaks? And does anyone know *for a fact* of any places that serve Harvey Guss steaks?

        1. re: TomSwift

          Frequently, when you go to Harvey's in the morning, you'll see some steaks wrapped with the name of a restaurant written on the package. Just can't recall which ones at the moment.

      2. My current favorite is Jar.


        1. My rank list for current best steak in L.A.:
          1. Mastro's (Beverly Hills) - N.B.: Their Scottsdale location is even better!
          2. Capo (Santa Monica)
          3. Pacific Dining Car (Downtown location)
          4. Arnie Morton's (Beverly Hills)
          5. Palm (Hollywood)

          Noticeably absent from my list (because they deserve it):
          Ruth's Chris (Beverly Hills), Nic & Stef's (Downtown), The Palm (Downtown by Staples Center), JJ's (Pasadena)

          1. I have been a big fan of Taylors in Koreatown for moderately priced steaks etc. Not too fancy but everyone I take there likes it very much. Also the Sherman Room in Van Nuys is a decent steak house, old school style.