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Oct 20, 2010 08:09 PM

Just Desserts 6: I want a retraction

Noooooo, not Erica. That really hurt. Does it make sense that they pimp soap the entire hour, shamelessly and relentlessly, then kick a chef off for making ice cream that tasted like...soap?
Why did Heather get hit for not sticking with the color scheme when Zac's dish was distinctly brown?
What a painful episode.

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  1. I did like her in the beginning but Heather needs to go or at least get an attitude adjustment. I feel like she is a sore loser even when she is in the top three.

    Boo too on Erica going home. The judges could seriously say her dessert, while it wasn't the tastiest, was worse than Danielle's? Who made pedestrian number cookies that didn't even layer together as a true plated dessert.

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    1. re: septocaine_queen

      In her blog, Gail says that Danielle's petit fours, while visually less interesting, tasted good and that Erika's dessert was without a doubt the worst tasting - and that they do put flavor above presentation.

    2. I'm getting tired of the showtune diva thing going on with some of the contestants of this show. Erica was the only really likable person on the show and now she's gone. I realize the producers ask them questions about their competitors, but they could answer with a little more class. I've never seen so much petty sniping on a TV show.

      1. I'm glad Heather got snagged on the bottom, though clearly she wasn't going home. She gets called out for lack of creativity and arrogance in her food.

        This such a Zac heavy episode. The editors really love him, and Morgan. Yigit and Heather are also major players.

        Won't miss Erica. The editors hated her. I had mild positive impression of her. She must've been even more mousy (boring) than we could see. They never showed Erica outside of her food. Though she is clearly a very talented chef that got done in by bad batch icecream. Made me wonder if it was sabotage... I doubt it. Maybe she used bottled lemon instead of fresh? That would be a big mistake... I hate the taste of botted lemon concentrate, which can taste metallic / soapy.

        Daniella is clearly dangling by a thread. But in RW is most likely for a strong competitor to get eliminated before their time.

        Next week is "Restaurant Wars / JD style" it's great to see Team Diva versus the rest of the house. Morgan versus Team Diva... For some reason I envision it Morgan in Superman outfit punching out the Axis of Evil. -.-

        What did you think of the guest judge? Reminded my of Adams family butler. Pastry chefs are weird.

        1. Biggest Missed Opportunity at JT: Heather could have said, "But it is like a newspaper: black and white and red all over!"

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          1. re: momjamin

            That would have been great! Wow, they would have shut right up.

            1. re: momjamin

              Funny--but too clever for Heather.

              1. re: momjamin

                I thought that too! =) But I don't think Johnny has that great a sense of humor. Honestly, I think he came down on her so hard because he was mad that she had not heeded his warning from the previous day.

                1. re: aching

                  Gail would have gotten it, even if Heather wouldn't have come up with it or Johnny appreciated it. And Heather survived despite Morgan stealing her sense of humor.

              2. Thank you, Newhavener07, I thought EXACTLY the same thing! How could they give Heather such a hard time about her red fruit (which looked pretty dark, at least on my TV) when Zac's dessert was golden brown?!?!? He even called it, "Whoopie Pie with a TAN"! That just made no sense to me.

                Although I know it's true with all reality TV, I've had much more of a sense with TC:JD than others that there is a lot going on off-camera, and the editors are not doing much to pull together a cohesive storyline. It seems like they're just choosing the bits of tape that they like or that have the most humor or drama, without worrying about whether or not it is logical. For instance, they made such a big deal in the commercials about Heather's missing rice krispy treats (I think that's what it was?), but then in the episode it was a total non-event.

                Danielle should have gone home. Her desserts are consistently ill-conceived and poorly executed. And she's annoying.

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                1. re: aching

                  ITA about Danielle. she makes the craziest faces when they interview her! I wonder if she's sitting at home cringing?

                  1. re: jujuthomas

                    I was wondering if she would think that too, after watching herself. She's so animated!

                    1. re: chowser

                      She sort of bears a resemblance to Jay Leno.