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Oct 20, 2010 07:47 PM

Current Magic Castle advice

Heading to the Magic Castle this Saturday night for dinner & shows to celebrate a friend's birthday. The mostly-all-terrible posts on Chow are from years ago...can anyone who's been in the last year recommend specific dishes to order? Is there any hope at all for us to have something decent?

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  1. Great magic. Good classic cocktails. Food. . . it's not bad, per se. It's the menu that time forgot, seem's like something out of the '40's. Expensive for 'whatever' quality food. Wine menu's got some good bottles though.

    1. Forget about memorable will be fine. However, your evening will be great fun and very memorable. You go to the MC for entertainment, not food.

      1. As I'm sure you already know: Gents need to wear jackets & ties.

        1. The food was decent - much improved since the posts of years tip is that you should get there early (like 6:30 sharp) and get on line for the 7PM closeup magic show (line fills up fast and its the BEST show) -- then either catch another magic or go to your reservatuion

          lot's of fun

          1. i enjoy their prime rib.