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Oct 20, 2010 06:39 PM

Halloween Bake Sale

Hey everyone

I need a cute recipe for something I can bring to a Halloween themed bake sale. Nothing TOO complicated or time consuming, but something attractive and attention grabbing. Thanks in advance!

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  1. you might find some good ideas here...

    FWIW, in terms of ease of preparation, kid friendliness, and attravtiveness, my first thought was pumpkin cupcakes with various Halloween-themed decorations. this BA recipe is a good starting point:

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      last year for something different I made a sweet / salty snack mix and put this in a skull and cross bone bags I founs at target with some polka dot ribbon....they sold old....they were esp a big hit with the dads

      1. re: LaLa

        Loooove the idea of a partial savory - you could do the same with sharp cheddar cheese "pennies" and pretzels and it wouldn't be complicated...
        Or, what about popcorn balls?
        Or mini-loaves of pumpkin-nut bread?

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          I've done something like this for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Got some pumpkin seeds and toasted them with a little curry seasoning. Combined with craisins. Kind of a sweet, salty, savory combination. Put in little bags with a ribbon.

      2. Krispy Spiders
        make rice krispy treats with cocoa krispies. shape into small mounds then use licorice strands for legs and m&m's for eyeballs.

        Granola Fingers
        make granola mini bars, then place a red pistachio at one end for a fingernail. put a little red tinted icing on the opposite end to simulate a cut-off finger oozing blood...

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        1. last night, my project was spider cupcakes -- cupcakes frosted with orange icing.

          Then I took 8 small sections of black shoestring licorice (about 1" long) and arranged them radiating from the center of the cupcake (on top of the frosting) Then I plunked a black gumdrop (actually one of the ones with the sugar dragees on the sides to look like black raspberries) into the middle of the "legs".

          My son thought they were awesome when he came downstairs this morning, and insisted he carry them to school this morning, rather than have me bring them when I come for the school party this afternoon.

          Easy, cheap, and fairly fast.

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          1. For kids? A dish of dirt isn't attractive but is always a hit, served in a plastic cup. Layer crumbled brownies with chocolate pudding, adding gummy worms throughout. Top w/ crushed oreos. I write "RIP" on the top of a Milano and stick it in the dirt, like a tombstone. Tape a spoon to the side of the cup.

            Or, since cupcakes are so popular, just frost one in white or orange. Pipe concentric chocolate circles and drag a toothpick through to make a spiderweb pattern.

            1. hi hungryabbey. We're making these for the Halloween get together in town. I picked up some cellophane bags and orange twine to tie 4-5 in each bag. Super simple and pretty yummy.


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                mmmm look so good. when are you making them? im curious how they will turn out.

                1. re: hungryabbey

                  We've "tested" two batches so far. One with caramel on top of the Oreo layer and one as pictured. If you little mini bites of salty & sweet, these fit the bill. My daughter is an Oreo "expert" so these were her find. The trick is to make them far enough in advance to set the filling. They need a good 30 mins on the counter to set up.