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Halloween Bake Sale

Hey everyone

I need a cute recipe for something I can bring to a Halloween themed bake sale. Nothing TOO complicated or time consuming, but something attractive and attention grabbing. Thanks in advance!

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  1. you might find some good ideas here...


    FWIW, in terms of ease of preparation, kid friendliness, and attravtiveness, my first thought was pumpkin cupcakes with various Halloween-themed decorations. this BA recipe is a good starting point:

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      last year for something different I made a sweet / salty snack mix and put this in a skull and cross bone bags I founs at target with some polka dot ribbon....they sold old....they were esp a big hit with the dads

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        Loooove the idea of a partial savory - you could do the same with sharp cheddar cheese "pennies" and pretzels and it wouldn't be complicated...
        Or, what about popcorn balls?
        Or mini-loaves of pumpkin-nut bread?

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          I've done something like this for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Got some pumpkin seeds and toasted them with a little curry seasoning. Combined with craisins. Kind of a sweet, salty, savory combination. Put in little bags with a ribbon.

      2. Krispy Spiders
        make rice krispy treats with cocoa krispies. shape into small mounds then use licorice strands for legs and m&m's for eyeballs.

        Granola Fingers
        make granola mini bars, then place a red pistachio at one end for a fingernail. put a little red tinted icing on the opposite end to simulate a cut-off finger oozing blood...

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        1. last night, my project was spider cupcakes -- cupcakes frosted with orange icing.

          Then I took 8 small sections of black shoestring licorice (about 1" long) and arranged them radiating from the center of the cupcake (on top of the frosting) Then I plunked a black gumdrop (actually one of the ones with the sugar dragees on the sides to look like black raspberries) into the middle of the "legs".

          My son thought they were awesome when he came downstairs this morning, and insisted he carry them to school this morning, rather than have me bring them when I come for the school party this afternoon.

          Easy, cheap, and fairly fast.

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          1. For kids? A dish of dirt isn't attractive but is always a hit, served in a plastic cup. Layer crumbled brownies with chocolate pudding, adding gummy worms throughout. Top w/ crushed oreos. I write "RIP" on the top of a Milano and stick it in the dirt, like a tombstone. Tape a spoon to the side of the cup.

            Or, since cupcakes are so popular, just frost one in white or orange. Pipe concentric chocolate circles and drag a toothpick through to make a spiderweb pattern.

            1. hi hungryabbey. We're making these for the Halloween get together in town. I picked up some cellophane bags and orange twine to tie 4-5 in each bag. Super simple and pretty yummy.


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                mmmm look so good. when are you making them? im curious how they will turn out.

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                  We've "tested" two batches so far. One with caramel on top of the Oreo layer and one as pictured. If you little mini bites of salty & sweet, these fit the bill. My daughter is an Oreo "expert" so these were her find. The trick is to make them far enough in advance to set the filling. They need a good 30 mins on the counter to set up.

              2. Martha Stewart has a bunch of Halloween-inspired cookies:

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                  I was eyeballing her espresso sortbread cookies, not on the list, but even without the Halloween decoration, they look good, as do the chocolate-pumpkin brownies. I have the same cat cookie cutter. How about those creepy looking fingers? Very cool.


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                    The espresso shortbread do sound like good cookies. I'm not patient enough to hand cut each one but I'd make the recipe.

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                      Yes, originally in my post I was just going to point out the finger cookies. They are incredibly cool!

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                        I've seen many versions of finger cookies but Martha Stewart, well, out-Martha Stewarts them all.;-)

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                      I didn't look through it, but in the magazine rack at the checkout at Joann's Fabric, I noticed one that was a collection of Martha's best Halloween ideas. You might want to check into that. Also, Joann's has a big selection of inexpensive Halloween plates, baskets, etc. that could give your contribution extra eye appeal.

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                        Those are cool, and lots of things can be suspended in them.

                      2. i was just leafing through a magazine at the hair salon and saw the following recipe, which immediately made me think of this thread:


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                        1. For our school's halloween bake sale last year I made choc cupcakes. Once they cooled I pipe some orange tinted icing into the centre of each cupcake then iced with choc icing. I then used royal icing to pipe a spider web on top and put a gummy spider on each cupcake. They were a huge hit with the kids!

                          1. I had great success making Martha Stewart's caramel apples. They are show stoppers!

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                              Is your photo taken after the caramel has set? These look terrific!

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                                Yes--thanks. The caramel is simply spooned on and it forms that perfect texture all on its own. I took the picture after they came out of the refrigerator.

                            2. Classic chocolate whoopie pies with filling tinted orange. http://www.joyofbaking.com/halloweenr...
                              Could also roll the filled pie in Halloween colored sprinkles so they stick to the edge of the filling. http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/h...

                              There are many whoopie pie recipes on line. Check out www.tastespotting.com and put whoopie pies in the search function to find many options.
                              Same website with Halloween in the search function will pull up a variety of Halloween themed items such as......
                              Ghost pretzel rods. It's different and what could be easier! http://savorysweetlife.com/2010/10/ch...

                              Cute candy corn cookies:

                              Please let us know what you decide on!

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                                since Joy of Baking usually has trustworthy recipes, i think that first whoopie pie link would be great if the pies were decorated like the ones in the recipe i linked to above - best of both worlds!

                              2. These 2 were a hit with my g-daughters (3 and 5) plus they could help make them

                                Chocolate Spiders
                                1 bag chocolate chips
                                1 tsp or so of shortening
                                1 can crispy chow mein noodles
                                Melt chips and shortening in micowave. Stir in can of noodles til coates. Spoon onto parchment paper. Add two mm for eyes. Cool.

                                Owl's eyes

                                a bag of Hersheys Hugs (they're striped)
                                a bag of round pretzels (circles)

                                Unwrap the hugs and place on a parchmented cookie sheet. Put a pretzel over them. It may not go all the way down - that's ok. Put into a low over for 2-3 minutes to soften but not melt. Once out put an mm on top of the hug and press down. It should end up looking like an eye. Let cool.
                                The only trouble with these is finding the hugs and pretzels. I found the hugs but the all I could find was an expensive bag of gluten free pretzel rings. Works the same - but the cost !

                                1. Our school just had a bake sale, and the kids and I made a combination of cookies. I had all these grand ideas for iced cookies but then came down with an awful cold, so we had to simplify.

                                  We made chocolate bat cookies, a very simple chocolate dough with orange sprinkles for eyes. (Amazingly like the Martha Stewart cookies, which I hadn't seen.) Then each bat was paired with a vanilla cookie: either a pumpkin cookie with orange sprinkles, or a ghost cookie, which was iced with white icing and had black bat sprinkle eyes. The kids did all of the decorating except for the white icing (and I only had to make one color of icing).

                                  They were eyecatching, pretty simple, and they sold out quickly. I packed each set of two cookies in one of those ziploc snack bags for easy transport.

                                  Have fun!

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                                      They'd be tons of fun to make as well as eat.

                                    2. There are lots of cute and easy ideas in Woman's Day magazine, which were featured on Regis & Kelly today. The instructions are also on the show's website. They are assembly jobs which could be done with storebought cupcakes if desired. Things like putting an orange donut hole atop a green-frosted cupcake, then piping a green vine and leaves atop the donut hole - voila, pumpkin patch! For a spider: Mallowmar cookie atop a cupcake, use a dab of fosting to affix two mini M&Ms as eyes, roll Tootsie Rolls in your hand to make legs. The idea of Tootsie Rolls as chocolate fondant is clever.

                                      1. These no bake Reese-like bars were a big hit with the kids on Sunday!

                                        No Bake Peanut Butter Treats

                                        * 1 cups butter, melted
                                        * 1 1/2 cups peanut butter
                                        * 1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
                                        * 1 lb. powdered sugar
                                        * 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
                                        *2 Tablespoons dark chocolate chips

                                        Crush graham crackers into crumbs- get out some pent up frustration.(or buy crumbs if you’re feeling ‘zen’)

                                        Melt butter in microwave safe bowl.

                                        Add peanut butter, powdered sugar and graham cracker crumbs to butter and mix well. It will form a soft, moist dough. I used my Kitchen Aid for this - and it was a dream. If you feel like a work out - use a bowl and spoon.

                                        Press the dough into a lightly greased 9x13 parchment lined pan (I LOVE parchment)

                                        In another microwave safe container, melt the semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every 15 seconds until they are completely melted and spreadable.

                                        Spread on top of the peanut butter mixture till smooth. Melt dark chunks in the similar fashion and drizzle on top of the semi sweet. IF you want pretty little bars- score the chocolate now, for easy, no breakage cutting later.

                                        OR (what I would have done if I were thinking clearly about it) use candy molds or mini silicone cupcake molds. They would be utterly adorable and no cutting to worry about.

                                        However you do it, after done spreading chocolate refrigerate until chocolate is set!

                                        1. How about pumpkin caramels. Have some pumpkin seeds pressed into the sides of them.

                                          Look really good. On a blog. Can find for you if of interest.

                                          1. Just yesterday I delivered two Hallowe'en themed cakes to church for a program there. I just made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting then put little candy pumpkins on top grouped in trios to make a pumpkin patch. BTW for bake sale, church etc the main problem isn't the baking but the transporting, but I have made an interesting discovery. Dollar Tree has a website where you can order 9 x 13 aluminum foil cake pans with a nice high hard plastic dome cover (plenty of room for decorations) that snaps on. At least where I live, these are not sold in the stores. The deal is that you buy them online then they deliver your order to the Dollar Tree store of your choice and do not charge you shipping. There is a $4.95 handling fee regardless of the size of the order. With the covers (which are flat on top) it is possible to stack multiple cakes in a box, shopping cart, or freezer, a major consideration when you are feeding the multitudes.

                                            1. Sorry, part of my post about the aluminum foil pans with lids accidentally deleted itself. The pan-lid unit costs $1 but you have to buy a unit of 12 ($12), a boxful. Keep the box as it perfectly fits the pans when you are moving the cakes around.

                                              1. Bumpity bump. Interesting ideas here...

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                                                  1. Note, please, that the OP's bake sale was last year. Not that more Halloween ideas aren't welcome.

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                                                      1st Time on this site!, I am having My 1st Time Church Bake Sale, Looking For ideas on Bake Goods to Freeze & also Non Bake Goods Schedule for Oct 20, 12.
                                                      Thank You

                                                    2. need ideas for a bake sale any thing at all.

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                                                        If nothing in this thread appeals to you, there are many other bake sale threads on Chowhound. Here are the links: http://www.chow.com/search?q=%22bake+...