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Oct 20, 2010 06:01 PM

Disappointing Dinner at Scotto's Wood Fired Pizza in Westbury

Had dinner tonight at Scotto's (used to be Luzzo's) near the Source Mall. The food was consistently tasteless. The breadbasket contained cold, hard garlic breadsticks and supermarket quality italian bread. We had a salad that was a special tonight - greens, cherry tomatoes, avocados and asiago cheese in a lemon vinaigrette. Nothing special - the flavors did not complement each other, and the dressing was creamy, not a vinaigrette, with absolutely zero taste.

Then we moved on to a hero special - prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and arugula. The hero was made on the same supermarket quality white bread, and again, nothing in the sandwich had any tase. I can only assume that they did not use high quality ingredients in the sandwich, becasue how else could you mess up something that requires such minimal preparation?

We were still hopeful that the pizza would be good since pizza is the focus of this restaurant, and a wood-fired oven should make it taste delicious. Well, disappointed again. Our margherita pizza was not particularly hot and was terrible!! The sauce tasted like it was from a can, and the cheese did not taste at all like fresh mozzarella. Most surprising was the fact that there was no wood-fired taste at all.

One other notable fact about this restaurant - it smelled like baby wipes. Very strange. And there were no babies nearby. Not a good smell when you are eating.

Has anyone else eaten here? I thought I had read some good reviews, but can't say I would agree.

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  1. There was a write up in Newsday today naming one of their pizza's as one of the best around - one with prosciutto and truffle oil I think. I've never been for dinner but friends have enjoyed both happy hour and dinner there. Maybe it was an off night?

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      Interesting that you mention that Newsday article, nmurawsk; it's what prompted me to return to this thread.

      I'd just been to San Marzano--another on the list--within the last few weeks and found the margherita pizza to be quite bland

      1. re: Scott_R

        I was so surprised to see that Newsday write-up after our experience the other night. And I usually agree with Newsday's restaurant assessments. So maybe it was an off night, or maybe Scotto's was once better than it is now. But I won't be back there to find out anytime soon.

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          Mu husband & I went on October 31. We were very disappointed. Salads were below average with below average dressings. Who puts a mustard style dressing on a caesar salad?Sausage pizza was OK. Tasted the sausage but not the cheese. Service was slow and we were biiled the incorrect amount on our credit card.

      2. The original comment has been removed