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Oct 20, 2010 04:10 PM

Good roast chicken?

I just moved to Chicago from Boston, and have been on the hunt for good eats (not that hard, I discovered ... lots of places on my list to try)!

Does anyone know where can I find some really good roast chicken? I'm thinking crispy skin, juicy roast chicken. Simple, old school. In Boston I used to get my fix at Hamersley's ...

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  1. You might want to let us know what neighborhood you're living and/or working in, so we can recommend places close by. That's the kind of dish you can find all over - typically at American, "diner-ish" restaurants - so you probably don't want to travel all the way across Chicagoland for.

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      Add the fair number of Peruvian and Columbian restaurants specializing in roast chicken scattered around the north/northwest sides. They might not be simple enough for OP but could be a revelation.

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        I'm in the RIver North area - and you're right, in my experience I see this dish a lot on menus, but it's hard to find a really great version.

      2. I LOVE the roast chicken at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square. It's a staple on the menu and one of the most popular entrees.

        Bistro Campagne
        4518 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

        1. Tina Fey recommends the roast chicken at the Athenian Room on Webster in Lincoln Park:

          Athenian Room
          807 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614