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Oct 20, 2010 04:07 PM

Good food. Will not eat there again! (Bavarian Dining - Asheville)

This is a sad situation! We love real German food and seemed to have found an authentic German restaurant in the Asheville area. Most other so-called German restaurants are what I'd call Carolina-German. (The "Berliner Kindle" in Black Mountain is an exception.)

The food at "Bavarian Dining" was, for the most part, very good. I was so impressed that I ordered their Schweinshaxen (a favorite of mine) 24 hours in advance. We arrived shortly after 6PM and the restaurant was not crowded. In fact, in was not particularly busy throughout our visit.

We started our meal with a lackluster Kartoffel Puffer (potato pancakes). For the entree I, of course, had the Schweinshaxen and my spouse ordered the Beef Rolladen. The side dishes of Vienna Salad, Spätzle for my spouse were very good. My side of Vienna Salad was also good, but the Knödle were dense and sodden. The German Bread was just okay but one sensitive point with me is the butter. Their's was served cold and hard as a rock. Of course, as time passed on, the butter softened and was flavorful with some herbs mixed in. We did not have wine or beer with our meal. No, not that we didn't want those items,

Now for the bad part(s). While we were seated promptly, and presented with menus, we were not given a beverage menu until I requested one. Our appetizers were presented fairly quickly and our beverage menu was removed from the table at that time.

At that point we waited.....and waited.........and waited. No one asked if we wanted any beer or wine and, finally, 45 minutes later, we were presented with our main course. At no time did anyone indicate that there would be a delay or apologize for it.

It appeared that the only people present in the restaurant were the owner, Dieter Homburg, and the Chef. The Chef was the one who took our orders and served our meals.

We would have ordered some German beers but were never asked if we wanted any beverage. We might have ordered dessert, but were so irritated at the end of our meal that all we wanted to do was leave.

We drove almost an hour from our home to enjoy what we thought would be a delightful dinner. Based of the quality of the food we would return. Based on the quality/speed of the service, we will not. All they had to do was explain/apologize for the slow service and we might have accepted the experience. As it turned out, it seemed that they either were oblivious or didn't care.

If we want to experience authentic German food, Berliner Kindle seems to be our only option. Alas, no Schweinshaxn and less ambiance. But the service is better.

"Bavarian Dining": Schrecklich

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  1. Did you ask to speak to the manager or anything? Even the best of restaurants can have stuff like this go under the radar unless a diner speaks up about it. It might have been an aberration or an off night, but I hope you at least afforded them the courtesy of a complaint before broadcasting your issues to the world.

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      mikeh: Dieter Homburg is not the Manager - he is the Owner! Dieter passed by our table numerous times while we were witing for our main course and didn't say a word. At one point the chef/waiter finally brought the bead and butter and said: "I'll bet you thought I forgot about you.". See also the comments below left by Nancy. I find it impossible to believe the Owner/Manager, Dieter, didn't notice how long we were waiting for our meal.

      If you live in the Asheville area I would very much be interested in your experience if you dine at the restaurant.

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        1. This was exactly my experience in March of this year. The food was very good, the service was terrible. The server was gruff, non-attentive and reprimanded our group several times if we did not immediately pay attention to him when he interrupted us. We had to beg for beer.

          Aside from our group (party of 16) that evening, there was just one other table of two.

          What we experienced were not mis-steps or untrained personnel. It was simply not caring one bit about the patron. Since there is a difference between trying to give good service and just not caring, it seemed pointless to speak with anyone.

          With all the wonderful restaurants in Asheville, scratching the Bavarian off my list is easy.

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            We came across this restaurant by chance yesterday; I hadn't read any of these reviews before. Thankfully, our experience was quite different from those already mentioned. There was only one server, but he was very attentive, taking a great deal of time to familiarize us with the extensive menu. We were first given a sample of their spicy homemade pork jerky to start the meal, and then we were brought a very crusty, hot loaf of sourdough bread with some (softened) herb butter. My husband ordered a variety of bratwursts served in gravy and I had the sauerbraten; both were delicious. A side of potato pancakes was crispy and very flavorful, and the red cabbage had just the right combination of sweet and sour.

            We were the first diners for lunch, but there were several tables occupied before we left, and the server went through the menu thoroughly with each table. We were well taken care of throughout the meal. Perhaps there's been a change in staffing and/or effort to please. In any case, we had a great meal and excellent service and I would happily return.

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              Glad to hear you had a good experience as well as good food. Maybe the owner took a look at this string and decided to tighten things up.

              After a couple more good responses, I'll give them another try (but I'm sure I could never convince our dining group to give them another chance).


              1. re: NANCY

                We too had an awful experiance.
                The service was slow and very rude
                The food was really crap- I wish i could have used a better adjective
                The prices were beyond reproach- even for qualit y of the food