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Oct 20, 2010 03:51 PM

Does anyone remember this place in Bay Ridge?

20 or so years ago, we used to go to a restaurant in Bay Ridge that was in a multi-story building (you needed to take an elevator to get there). I think it was a slightly high-end Italian and they always served mussels marinara as an appetizer. There was a terrace that wrapped around the room from which you could see the Verrazano. I want to say it was called "Terrace on the Park" or "Top of the ____ (something)." It's been driving me crazy.

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  1. Was it on fourth avenue somewhere in the high eighties?

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      That's what I think. I used Google Earth to find a building tall enough to have housed it and it could've been 3rd Avenue and 84th Street. I think a club called Blue Zoo is there now.

    2. Was it Top of the Crescent? It looks like an old abandonded catering hall, in a building that is pretty shabby looking. I think it's on the same block where the expanded Century 21 shoe department & housewares is now located.

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        YES!!!! Holy moly, I could NOT retrieve that brain cell! Thank you so much!!! I just Googled it and saw that it's still open. Have you been there lately (like, any time since 1988, the last time I was there)? Is it any good now? I remember the view being great and that non-mussel-eaters even ate their mussels marinara because they were so tasty.