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Oct 20, 2010 02:03 PM

Prawns with Candied Walnuts many names from my past. Prawns with candied walnuts. Walnut shrimp. Shrimp with walnuts.

I grew up just outside of San Jose, CA and our family has always loved good Chinese food. We are somewhat mainstream (not a big pig trotter fan) but in the SF Bay Area were also always fortunate enough to have a number of excellent authentic Chinese restaurants to choose from. My two favorites from San Francisco are the R&G Lounge (usually for main courses, dinner) and Yank Sing (usually for Dim Sum).

In any event, both of those restaurants, plus several of our other local haunts, serve outstanding versions of "prawns with candied walnuts" or whatever their variation of term. Not fried shrimp with a sweet mayonnaise, but complete and utter goodness. Because I seem to like sweet things in my asian tastes (love me some sweet & sour, peanut sauces, etc.), the prawns with candied walnuts has always been one of my personal absolute favorites.

My question fellow Chow's, is whether there is worthy prawns/shrimp with candided walnuts-ish type dishes here in D/FW. Most of the Chinese places we've tried do not have on the menu. Some of the ones that do (J.S. Chen's in Plano for example) basically just have a 'serve with mayonnaise' style. I've had it at P.F. Chang's, they have like a fried shrimp with candied pecans or something and melon, but it's only passable in comparison. Don't even get me started on Panda Express, which also has shrimp with walnuts. Now my kids do occasionally like them some Panda Express, so sue me if I get the shrimp/walnuts when I'm there. However, I find not having a quality "go-to" place for this dish dissappointing and would love it if the Chowhounds here might have a recommendation we've missed!


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  1. I know Yank Sing very well. Some of the best (at least it used to be) Chinese food on the planet.
    I'm also very familiar with shrimp and walnuts as I've spent many years in California.
    I've not tried them yet but, I think First Chinese BBQ in Richardson has them listed on their new "Hong Kong" supplement menu.
    A group of us meet there every Thursday for lunch and I'll order them and see how they compare with their California Chinese counterpart.

    First Chinese BBQ
    Richardson, TX, Richardson, TX

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      Both R&G and Yank Sing are more HK style Chinese restaurants, so I wouldn't be surprised if Hong Kong Royal had it too. Love them for dim sum too.

      Could try this place too (walnut shrimp?)

      Hong Kong Restaurant
      9055 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

      Hong Kong Royal Restaurant
      3030 N Josey Ln Ste 130, Carrollton, TX 75007

    2. all i know is one of the best drunk meals i've ever had was telling a cab in San Fran to drop us off at random chinese place and getting shrimp with walnuts.

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      1. I'm going to San Fran in a couple of weeks and am in the middle of hardcore food research. This thread is so timely. R&G Lounge and Yank Sing were actually already on my short list.

        Dumb question: is the shrimp in this dish always served fried? I grew up with east coast chinese food and have never had this dish.

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        1. re: sass

          I also grew up on the east coast and never heard of this dish until I went to California.

        2. We had lunch at First Chinese BBQ today and ordered the "shrimps in mayonnaise with candied walnuts". $10.95 and served 4 easily. They were great! I think they're very lightly battered and fried and then coated in the mayonnaise sauce. The candied walnuts are sprinkled with sesame seeds and then strewn on the top and around the shrimp. Delicious! Pretty much as good as what you'll find in any good Chinese restaurant in California that serves Hong Kong style food. We really enjoyed the dish and plan to order it more often. Picture attached.

          First Chinese BBQ
          Richardson, TX, Richardson, TX

          1. Caravelle in Richardson has this dish.

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            1. re: vr666m

              The food at Caravelle is very good. Although more expensive. I'm curious, do you recall the cost of this dish at Caravelle?