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Oct 19, 2010 10:31 AM

Chipotle Tabasco

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I LOVE Chipotle Tabasco!

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  1. Same here!! What kinds of ways do you use it?

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    1. re: DishDelish

      I've got the mother lode of Chipotle Tabasco recipes for ya right heah!

      I'd swear the ribeye with carmelized onions was attributed to Rick Bayless and used to be on the bottle (or insert that came with) and included CREAM, but no cream here. In any case, haven't made that one in a LONG time, but LOVE it.

      And CO, note Mar-a-Lagos are on the list--I don't remember that inclusion, but thought you'd get a kick out of it.

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Wow ... wow!!!!!!! Insert tummy growling and tongue salivating over here. You weren't kidding about the mother load!!

        Mmmm, that rib eye sounds good. But would be even better with cream I bet. Do you have the original recipe?

        LOL, the famous Oprah recipe, huh? Yes I don't recall that either. Did you see who submitted it? Jeff O’Neill - The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Ooh, k-e, I need to fix those again soon. I had a bunch in the freezer from a whole, small turkey but they're long gone.

          I have too many "hot sauces" probably but I like this one because of the smokiness..

      2. I've just discovered that over here in London. Sadly not too many places stock it. Would love to hear about more ways to use it. I found it in a restaurant and used to dip my fries in.

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        1. re: cathodetube

          Here is a recipe for Chipotle hot sauce:

          If you are interested in a chipotle barbecue sauce (for a fries dip) I found this delicious looking recipe on a blog I follow occasionally:

          Or you could order the Tobasco brand Chipotle pepper sauce:

          1. Good in a bloody mary too...for some reason my chipotle tabasco goes bad much quicker than the regular, and frank's...Not refrigerated

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            1. re: BiscuitBoy

              I use it in my skirt steak marinade, along with orange, grapefruit, or pineapple juice, sugar, fish sauce, garlic, and lime juice.

            2. Too bad my neighbor is not on CH. In every single conversation (and I see him a lot), which inevitably gets around to food, he raves about the Chipotle Tabasco--which he pronounces "chill-poty" for some reason. After asking me at least a hundred times if I tried it yet, he bought me a bottle. It's pretty tasty although I haven't used it that often. I forget I have it and generally reach for the regular. Their green sauce is good too.

              1. I go through bottles very quickly, great stuff. In the world of chipotle sauces it's definitely up there (not as good as Melinda's, but way better than El Yucateco. I don't know if Bufalo Chipotle even exists any more, haven't seen it in years, but that one is/was the grand mack daddy) plus it's so easy to come by.

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                1. re: TongoRad

                  Not too hard to find Bufalo Chipotle in SoCal, as well as online.
                  If I really need a lot of sauce, I always have some 'rebottled' chipotle en adobo in the fridge to start with. Much better for making chipotle mayo.

                  Is Tabasco Chipotle as vinegary as their regular (tannic and somewhat overpriced) product?

                  1. re: DiveFan

                    I have an invertible plastic squeeze bottle of pureed 'chipotle en adobo' from Mexico (via Big Lots).


                    1. re: DiveFan

                      Re: the Bufalo- I looked on line for mail order just after I posted that and found it easily, I don't know why I was reluctant to go down that road before now. I might just get a case, it's definitely a bargain that way.

                      I think the original Tabasco (vinegary) sauce is my least favorite of what they make. The Chipotle is pretty rich and flavorful, not vinegary at all. Their Habanero sauce is also really good, but it is in the Jamaican style (with spices and fruits added, sort of a jerk quality to it) instead of the more straightforward quality of other habanero sauces (El Yucateco, Melinda's, etc.) and worth a try.

                      1. re: TongoRad

                        I hate regular tabasco. Just tastes like salt and vinegar. The chipotle sauce is way better, and not vinegary at all.