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Oct 20, 2010 01:52 PM

Wujiang Lu shanghai - is it closed? Yang's Dumpling other locations?

It's been rumored to close for years. I'm heading back friday. Is it still open?

Either way what are other locations for Yang's Fry Dumpling, I need my fix.

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  1. there's one along huanghe road. the best thing about this particular outlet is that it's opposite jiajia tangbao. so you can satisfy two cravings at one go.

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    1. re: akated

      RIght around the corner and down a block from the Park Hotel.

    2. Wujiang lu is thriving, and Yang's just moved upstairs. Look for the mall with the 85 Degrees Cafe and head up the elevators. Prepare to wait.

      You can also go to Krispy Kreme, Carl's Junior or Starbucks, if that gives you any indication of how Wujiang lu is doing.

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      1. re: Flavor4TheFever

        just got back and didnt go because the concierge said it had been torn down. Did they just knock everything down and clean up?

        And a starbucks and carls jr?! Are we talking about the same place right?

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          Wife and I are near the end of our first trip to China, and Shanghai was our first stop at the end of October. Our hotel was about 20 steps from Wujiang Leisure Rd, and we got two takeout orders from Yang's on our last day in Shanghai at the location Flavor4TheFever mentions above . As for the original Wujiang Lu in the link above, there was a construction barricade on the other side of Shimen Yi Lu where Wujiang Leisure Rd runs into it, so it looks like it's gone. Wish we had made this trip a couple of years earlier.

          1. re: 2slices

            they did tear it down, but they moved alot of stuff into a mall kind of deal. Yang's is still there and its awesome, ate there in july

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              We were in Shanghai last week. Stayed just off of Nanjing Xi Lu and WuJiang Jie. After 3 1/2 weeks in China, I have learned that you can't always get good information, even from a hotel concierge. If they don't know the answer to something, there is a tendency to 'make it up'. Flavor4TheFever is correct. Yang's is still open on the 2nd floor of the 'mall' that is right behind 85degrees coffee shop. We ate there twice. TOO bad you missed it. The jian bao's are unbelievable.