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Oct 20, 2010 01:17 PM

Everything Frosted For Afters

Still have that empty feeling having finished a truly huge portion of Lobster at Canton Gardens or maybe you have a fear of dangerously lowering your cholesterol count after knocking off, by yourself, all the braised pork Belly at Shanghai Cafe? Well, let the pig out keep rolling by waddling up to Everything Frosted. As the Times said they offer lots of hard (I mean really hard) to find flavors as well as the classics. The chocolate butter cream on my chocolate chip cupcake was light as a snowflake, low on the sugar, and impossibly fresh. The cake was of the big flavor and rich school.
From their web: " See us as we joined First Lady Michelle Obama, along with hundreds of other chefs at her anti-obesity campaign." This suggests a beck of questions.

Everything Frosted
105 1/2 Mosco St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. This place is so well hidden, being on the short hill street, Moscoe, between Mott and Mulberry, across the street from the $1 dumpling place. On the days when the dinner budget is small, $1 fried buns, $1 hot and sour soup, and then $2.5-$3 for a moist and fluffy, flavorful cupcake...probably the most reasonable gourmet meal around. I enjoyed the Lychee flavor cupcake from Everything Frosted today. My other favorite isn't on the menu any more though (Taro).