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Drinks and cake near Chinatown

I am going out for dinner on Saturday night in Chinatown for my birthday.

I am looking for a place to have cake and drinks after the dinner. Do you know any good place around Chinatown (Old Montreal or Saint-Laurent)?

I have a big sweet thooth so the quality of the dessert is very important to me.

Thank you!

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  1. nope.

    best closest would be Laloux or Pop! (on roy st.)

    maybe something at Aix (Hotel Place D'armes) ?

    but around chinatown, nothing really exciting.

    1. What about Le local - 740 William, in the more industrial part of Old Montreal? I've never been there myself but you might want to look into it.


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        i've been to le local. The desserts aren't THAT great, nothing to write home about. The closest i can think of is jardin nelson for sweet pancakes and have a few drinks with it

      2. The bubble tea place across from Beijing and upstairs, has surprisingly good chocolate cake. The icing is made with real butter. It was the most like homemade cake I've had in a restaurant in a loooong time. Not a super fancy unusual cake, but really simple and oh-so good.

        I don't think they have alcoholic drinks, but a huge selection of bubble teas and some other unusual finds for a restaurant, like Ovaltine!

        1. I know this ain't what you are asking for, but many chinatown restos will allow you to bring in a dessert and keep it in the fridge until you're ready. There are also some very good pastry shops in Chinatown. On more than one occasion, we ordered a cake ahead of time, picked it up, then met the birthday gang at a Chinese resto (sometimes a surprise dessert, sometimes not).
          The wife really likes Legend pastry shop on Lagauchetierre.

          Like I say, I know you're asking for a different locale, drinks, etc etc. I just mention this as an option.

          1. You are actually not that far from Toque. Seeing as it would only be desert it shouldn't break the bank. A bit further into old montreal is le club chasse et peche which features some of the finest deserts Montreal has to offer.

            club chasse et peche
            Montreal, Montreal, QC , CA

            1. Juliette et Chocolat on St-Laurent would be the ideal spot

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                Except that their service is terrible and it's always crammed. I always go to the (much farther from Chinatown) one on Laurier now.

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                  with the st-laurent open, is the one near berri uqam location less packed?

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                    Are there 3? I thought the one near Berri-UQAM was the one in question. But I guess that's actually on St-Denis, not St-Laurent.

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                      there are 3:

                      - The one on laurier (and parc)
                      - St-Laurent/Prince Arthur (beside/below/next to rouge club)
                      - St-Denis (near berri)

              2. L2 is the name of the place upstairs, I go there often. I can't vouch for the desserts other than the sweet toast (don't know what they call it on the menu), which I liked a lot. I also love their bubble teas.