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Oct 20, 2010 01:00 PM

Jacques Maximin again

Jacques Maximin was once one of France's most promising, inventive chefs. He quickly received two Michelin stars at three different restaurants. Fernand AdriĆ  regards him as a mentor. Ten days ago he opened the Bistro de la Marine in Cros de Cagnes, just west of Nice. We went for dinner this evening. It is truly a bistro, with bistro ambience, cuisine and prices. Mme Maximin welcomed us and took our order, just as in the old days in Vence. He emerged occasionally from the kitchen to check the room and welcome friends. Linda had Carpaccio de Mulet and I had Salade de Haddock as starters. We shared a poached whole Barbue with beurre blanc and boiled potatoes as our main course. It was all very good and very bistro de mer.

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    1. I assume this means he has very little association with Rech now. I never saw him there anyway.

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        "I assume this means he has very little association with Rech now. I never saw him there anyway."
        I have, everytime we've been there since Ducasse offered him shelter from the storm of renovation, except today, but the carte including today's "menu" bears his name, so who knows. As far as I'm concerned the food was good before, with and now perhaps after him anyway.
        i wish him well.

      2. Thank you Beaulieu for your report. I first discovered Jacques Maximum at the Hotel Negresco's restaurant Chantecler, and was very impressed with his art. Many years have passed and I am glad to know he has resurfaced again after several others start ups in the past. He is a very talented chef who has had apparently some hard knocks in his life. I wish him well and would love to go to his new bistro.

        1. Oh, you are making me SO hungry!

          I enjoyed dinner at Chantecler many years ago. ;) and Maximin is also a mentor of one of my favorite teachers, Chef Marc Thivet, who cooked with him at Chantecler.