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Oct 20, 2010 11:04 AM

Best espresso in Central/Southern Westchester?

Can anyone recommend a place that serves a great shot of espresso in central or southern Westchester? I have not yet stumbled on one.

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  1. Without a doubt Cafe Latte in Dobbs Ferry.

    1. Pyramid Squash & Fitness in Tuckahoe -- no joke. Its a squash club (the racquet sport, not the vegetable), not a restaurant or anything of the kind, but it has a little coffee bar and they make fantastic espresso and cappuccino. The coffee and equipment are Illy and for some unknown reason, its just great. They have a few small tables so as an added bonus you can comfortably watch squash while you sip.

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        I concur on this one. Absolutely the closest thing I've had to Italy in the US!

      2. Cafe Latte is quite good. Antoinette's, in Hastings on Hudson roasts their own beans. The espresso and the home made food are delicious.