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Oct 20, 2010 10:37 AM

The original California cuisine in Sunset Magazine-NYT

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  1. Back in the early 70's my sister moved to Seattle and gave us a subscription to Sunset. We used and enjoyed those recipes for years -- early teriyaki, etc,

    1. Oh, I loved Sunset Magazine growing up!


      1. I've unfortunately found that Sunset has become almost unreadable over the past year. I would spend 5 minutes flipping through the latest issue and then throw it away. I find their sustainable living bent to be almost preachy (though maybe I'm sensitive since moving into a newly built "green-rated" house -- I miss my wood burning fireplace!) and the recipes boring. It was kind of cool to see the photos in the article, though, since I live across the street from their headquarters in Menlo Park and am very familiar with the place.

        1. The Sunset cookbooks were the first book I purchased when I was in college.
          $5 for a cookbook was a great deal. Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Bread where on my shelf.

          1. Living on the eastcoast with family on the westcoast the NYT and Sunset were our meet in the middle mags, especially food-related articles. Today, my sibs & I pass links back & forth instead of clippings. I hope both publications stick around forever. Of course, "California cuisine" is no longer out of my eastcoast reach (althou produce prices are much better in CA markets).

            Early in my home cooking journey, I learned a great deal about produce, spices, cooking light and experimenting with ingredients from Sunset magazine.

            This month's issue of Sunset has a fantastic article with recipe links for spice blends; highlighting some of the more unusual making their way into home kitchens of late.