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Oct 20, 2010 10:16 AM

Anybody tried the new EMP with a large group yet?

The new EMP format seems so interesting in terms of a challenge to the kitchen, However, most of the reviews available have only been for 2 - 3 tops. I'm wondering how they can manage a table larger than let's say 6 people with different tastes and different preferences for each ingredient/course?

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  1. I recently inquired about a dinner for ten people at EMP. I was told that we would need to use a private dining room, and that the menu would have to be preselected (i.e. ordering a la carte would not be possible).

    The advantage, though, is that they would take reservations several months in advance, prepare an extended chef's tasting menu for the group upon request, and not charge a private room fee (subject of course to a food/beverage minimum).