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Oct 20, 2010 09:58 AM


Just heard of this new-ish place in S. Lake U area. Any one been? any buzz?

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  1. I've been for lunch several times. Pork belly sandwich is extraordinary. Fries are good. Apps and fish of the day (usually halibut) have generally been very good.

    Only 3 complaints:
    -The last 2 times I've ordered a burger, the bun has been cold - a big miss.
    -They really, really need to replace the cauliflower soup with something else. It's the only soup they ever serve and it's just not very good.
    - $11 for a glass of Chimay on draft is robbery.

    It's worth going.

    1. Just went last Saturday night. The food was good, we shared a charcuterie and cheese plate which was thoughtfully composed as well as white anchovy crostini, which were very good. For entree's we had the oxtail ragu, Bison onglut, and the Truffled chicken. The food was very good and I found the wine list to be incredibly reasonable, I even checked out a few wines before we went to see how much the markup was and found that it was below the typical 50% or more markup that is often found in Seattle restaurants. I even found a new wine, Cullin Hills Riff Raff Cab Franc, that I will be looking to purchase for my cellar. This wine retails for $27 and was $40 on their menu.

      The only downside is that once the bar filled up it was fairly noisy.

      1. I went there recently with some friends, and between all of us must have ordered everything off the meny. I tried a couple small plates, all I recall that all were good, but I guess must not have been that memorable becaus I can't recall what I ate at all right now! One person commented that their food was too salty. The space was nice, and the service was efficient. Would probably return for drinks.

        1. Been there twice now. The food is aiming quite high and mostly getting there. If anything, the food is more high-toned than the space, which feels a bit like a generic yuppie sports bar next to the Tesla dealership.

          Recently had pheasant with date puree and chestnuts. Very nicely done. The date and nuts were even nicer than the well roasted bird leg.

          Friends were very happy with their charcuterie plate, including some challenging funky cheeses. Blood orange & radish salad was nicely done.

          About the only thing I was less than thrilled with was the sablefish & cauliflower entree. Maybe it was what I was drinking, but the flavors were just briney-loud and unsatisfying.

          Glad to see South Lake Union coming into its own. This place had a very active and interesting mixed crowd (hip / au courant, mixed with more generic well-to-do honkeys).

          You'll definitely eat well there, but I'm not sure what kind of scene this is all evolving into.