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Oct 20, 2010 08:36 AM

in search of Vienna restaurant....

In 2009 I went to vienna and had a lovely meal at a nice little traditional beisel, tucked away ina leafy, quiet corner just off a large square-I think it was where the St Mary church is located. I beleive the beisel used to be a pretzel bakery? Anyway, my husband is in Vienna right now and I'd like to recommend this palce to him.... but I can't remember it! Thanks!!!

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  1. Really tough question. There are so many churches in Vienna...

    The pretzel hint suggests that you mean the Brezlgwölb, which is close to the Am Hof square.

    The only drawback: the church on the square is NOT dedicated to St.Mary, but rather to the "Neun Chören der Engel" : Wikipedia:

    Is this the place you are looking for ??

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      Oh yes, that's it, that's the one!!! I do remember Am Hof now! Thanks! He's not eaten yet, so I'm emailing this to him right now! YIPPPEEE!