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Oct 20, 2010 08:33 AM

Central Ohio - buffet Thanksgiving lunch/dinner rec please

Friends of mine desire a nice, tablecloth buffet Thanksgiving either lunch or dinner with plenty of options and choices. Since we always cook at home, I am not able to give them any recommendations. They would like to spend $50 or less per person, there are 8 of them, all teenagers to adults (no children) and are adventerous eaters. The buffet piece is a deal breaker, as there are several large men who really like to eat. Alcohol with the meal would be nice, preferably a decent wine cellar or BYOB. They are willing to travel an hour or so outside of Columbus for the right places. Any thoughts Hounds? Thanks!

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  1. Worthington Inn's Thanksgiving buffet is great. I've been on 2 separate occasions and been very happy with it.

    Worthington Inn
    649 High Street, Columbus, OH 43085

    1. Not exactly what they are seeking, but I'll throw it out anyway. Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs does a Thanksgiving buffet.

      $20 per person. I don't think they serve alcohol.

      The only bad part is trying to stay awake driving back to Columbus after you have gorged yourself on turkey and other stuff.

      1. I've not been, but I echo Lauren in OH in that I've heard praise from three respected people say it is excellent.

        1. Located 30 minutes or so east of Columbus, the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark is a great place to eat and has a great Thanksgiving buffet.

          1. Worthington Inn!! Great place.

            Worthington Inn
            649 High Street, Columbus, OH 43085