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Oct 20, 2010 08:18 AM

Fall fruit plate; am I resigned to fruit that browns?

I need to do a fruit platter that is seasonal. The obvious choices include apple and pear, but these brown and the plate will need to sit out for a couple hours. I have read about some apple varieties that are less prone to browning, but what about pears?

Any and all suggestions / advice appreciated!

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  1. toss them with lemon juice to prevent browning. I usually use Bosc pears or at least I think I do, they have a brown skin so they don't look very pretty but they taste good. I use them in a winter salad.

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      I don't know how much acid is needed to prevent browning, but personally do not like lemon on my apples. I wonder if apple, white grape, or any other clear bottled juice (they tend to have citric acid as an ingredient) would do the trick?

      Among the commercial apples that stay white when cut are Cortland and Pink Lady. You may be able to find local varieties depending on where you live - I know that Hampshire stays white, but is exclusive to one orchard (Gould Hill) in NH. If memory serves, Honeycrisps don't brown, and you might want to test an Asian Pear, aka nashi, apple pear. They are in most supermarkets - round, brown, very crisp and usually sliced in thin rounds.

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        I believe bottled juices do work. I remember my Grandma using apple juice to keep apples from browning once, however, I haven't actually tested it myself. Most juices have added ascorbic acid which helps stop oxidation.

        Pomegranates are a good fall fruit.
        And make sure to use a sharp knife on the apples/pears which will damage less cells and create less of a browning effect.

    2. could you use dried fruit -- apricots, dates, nuts, figs, etc. and use some fresh grapes of different colors and varieties?

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        I like this idea. I would NOT use pomegranates. They stain horribly.

      2. If you're using apples, choose Cortlands because they don't brown as quickly. Even so, it's good to toss with lemon juice to help slow the process down. But why not include other fruits - canteloupe and other melons are semi-seasonal in most places now. Grapes are good too. And depending on where you live, check your local farmers market for everbearing strawberries and raspberries - these are varieties that continue to produce fruit all season long so you'll get berries way past the normal season. In Ontario, some farmers are still selling them - and they're local.

        1. Two words: Fruit Fresh..use it on your cut apples & pears to prevent browning for up to 8 hours. I like it much better than the bitterness of lemon juice. I'll be doing several trays (fruit, cheese & crackers, etc) for an awards ceremony at our local University next month & will be adding grapes (both red & green) orange wedges, maybe some ruby grapefruit wedges, apples & pears (using the fruit fresh), maybe some sugared fresh cranberries and whatever else I come across for my trays.

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            Yup, that's what I was going to suggest - Fruit Fresh. Basically just ascorbic acid.


          2. how about some persimmons?