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Oct 20, 2010 08:12 AM

Lake Norman area Recommendations?

I will be in the Lake Norman area for an upcoming weekend trip. Any recommendations?
I searched, but I couldn't find anything on the chowhound boards.

Specifically, Huntersville, Cornelius, or Davidson, NC.

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  1. We struggle in LKN but I have found a few staples that I feel comfortable recomending. 131 Main in Cornelius casual and fresh ingredients, skillet corn bread a must. Dresslers located in Birkdale Village in Huntersville more upscale casual but does a great job. Down and dirty locals spot for Carolina BBQ and local/NASCAR atmosphere Lancasters BBQ in Mooresville - Get past the NASCAR theme and enjoy eastern Carolina style BBQ and incredible free hush puppies. Sit out by the Lake/Marina at The North Habour Club in Davidson - Great lunch/brunch spot. A variety for you to chose from, if you are looking for something more specific let me know, I will guide you best that I can...

    131 Main
    17830 Statesville Rd, Cornelius, NC 28031

    1. Might want to look up Flat Iron Grill in Davidson. This is owned by Tim Groody who did his magic with the Sonoma Rest. Group in Charlotte for so long.

      Haven't been there but I would count on the food being good. Service; don't know.

      Let us know if you go. . .

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        How could I forget. . .

        If you are willing to drive 5 or 6 miles up the road I can HIGHLY recommend Caruso's in Mooresville. Great Italian with a decent wine list. It's easy to find in the Lowes Foods shopping center. I don't typically order pasta in the states but I do there!

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          I'll second that...Caruso's...Can't believe I forgot that one too, its right down the road from me! On a side note...don't let the fact that it is located in vacant Strip mall scare truely is a hidden gem!