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Oct 20, 2010 07:03 AM

North of Toronto Country Store...Help???

A few years ago I was hiking up at the Cheltenham Badlands, on the way home, on a lonely country road country road, not far from Cheltenham, I came across a sign that said" Fresh Scallops wrapped in Bacon"...Suffice to say I stopped and ventured up the fairly long driveway to a farm.....And a store....The store was filled with fresh hot food , the ham was incredible, deli items, a sandwich bar, fresh baked goods.......Everything one could want to discover on a drive in the country...Unfortunately I can't remember exactly where it was....Please help......

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  1. Hmm, if you figure out the name it sounds amazing!

    You could try contacting the Hills of Headwaters Tourist Association

    Good luck in your hunt!

      1. re: Minister of Kebab

        Seems it may have been...Heading up there this weekend, going to set up a grid search....