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Oct 20, 2010 07:00 AM

Brunch Ideas

I am serving brunch on Sunday to people who have the following dietary restrictions
- Atkins Diet
- Gluten Free Diet
- dairy free/ egg free
- diabetic diet

What the heck am I supposed to serve???

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  1. hmm, maybe an empty plate and a glass of water? ;-)

    really tough call on that. how many guests and do each have some of these issues or is it everyone?

    1. You can probably satisfy the Atkins, Gluten-Free and Diabetic people with the same menu item. Eggs, meat, certain low-carb veggies, cream - maybe a frittata or crustless quiche and a tossed salad? Quacamole and/or salsa with eggs baked in ham cups and garnished with cilantro?

      You might need something different for the dairy- and egg-free people. Maybe soup?

      As I'm writing this though, it seems that the right soup and salad could probably satisfy all four different diets, and you could round out the menu with fruit and pastries or bagels, if the abstainers can live with the temptation.

      1. I think if you kept things separate, it could work. Put out yogurt, berries, granola, a platter of breakfast sausage, a platter of scrambled eggs (perhaps with spinach and feta to make it interesting), and some sliced melon.

        1. Assuming the same person doesn't have all of those restrictions, I'd make a big frittata or crustless quiche. This will satisfy Atkins, Gluten free and diabetic. Along with that, serve a fruit salad, a plate of breakfast sausage (avoid sweet ones), a nice wholegrain bread made without dairy or egg (not hard to find), bread spreads including butter, peanut butter, jam.