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Oct 20, 2010 06:54 AM

Help! Venue for a drink with the Boss


I'm 26. My boss is 50. He's asked if we can have a conversation about my career (no weird undertones, I have asked for this meeting) I know a lot of nice hotels in the city that would be a decent place to get a drink, but he is Jersey-dwelling & has asked me to choose something reasonably quiet...with parking (I'd like to offer street as at least a possibility).

I live right next to Dmitri's on pine & 23rd, but I think it screams romance more than anything professional. I like the sofitel for this, but the music can be too tragically hip and the street parking thing is a laugh. I'm trying to come up with something in Ucity or Old City then...any old, trustworthy, classy places you guys can recommend that won't be heinously crowded on Thursday around the end of happy hour?

Thank you so much!

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  1. I know that James, the restaurant, is reasonably quiet and they have a nice bar area. You might also try Supper. I think they have an upstairs lounge area, in addition to the bar near the door. Closer to you is Barclay Prime, but the music there could be too loud. Also, try Meritage. I had a boss/career talk there over dinner, but it was before they changed it up.

    I think it's totally reasonable to call and ask a place if the bar atmosphere meets your criteria.

    I realize that none of my places are UCity or Old City... but those are tough for quiet .

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      I second Barclay Prime. Very subdued, and reeks of a professional atmosphere.

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        Meritage is nice but it does get crowded later I seem to recall most of the tables being high-tops, and the bar has a tv or two over it now...not as classy subdued as it used to be.

      2. I'm not sure why you think UC or Old City have a good street parking situation. They are as bad as anywhere in CC in my experience.

        I like urban's James recommendation. You could also try Saloon or Chick's (bordering on too romantic, maybe), though Bella Vista/QV parking can be challenging at times as well.

        Depending on where he is in Jersey, South Philly might not be inconvenient and parking is rarely an issue. Paradiso on E Passyunk is a classy Italian restaurant and wine bar that does not get loud and crowded. Obviously it's not as convenient for you, but he is the boss after all.

        1. where is your office? would you want to walk somewhere after work? and whatever you do, don't order a fruity cocktail or wine. men say they don't judge, but they judge.

          and dmitri's = byo right? so you couldn't have a drink there anyway.....sofitel has been a traditional spot for this sort of thing for years now. if he's 50, he'll probably enjoy the p.y.t.s who serve drinks there....

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            If he like P.Y.Ts there's Cheerleader's on Front. Free parking lot. If you are a high-risk type, this could be the best (but also possibly worst) career move you could make !

          2. i've always been able to carry conversations at franklin mortgage. you might score cool points if your boss is hip.

            le bar lyonnais is classy and relatively quiet.

            XIX has a nice enough space. had one drink there a year ago and it was fine, and i don't think it was loud.

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            1. re: coookie

              If you go to a place TOO classy, he might think he's already paying you too much, or if it's expected due to rank that he will pick up the tab, he might think you are milking it.

            2. Thank you all! Went to another spot after I proposed James, at boss' request. Should have guessed I'd be overridden.

              Thanks again!