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Beard Papa is open in Pac Mall (+ daily-deal coupon)

From: http://www.foodpr0n.com/2010/10/20/be...

At a barbeque recently, someone brought dessert to a party in a familiar yellow box and I immediately wondered why they’d reuse a pastry box from another city. Because the Japanese chain Beard Papa had many locations all around the world – but not in Toronto.

So with some (too much) giddiness, I discovered that Beard Papa had opened a location in Pacific Mall. Serendipitously for me, I already had plans to visit the very next day. Didn’t take much to locate their shop on the 2nd floor in the North food court and notice the small crowd along its perimeter. A crowd that had greatly increased by the time I had my very own box of cream puffs in vanilla, matcha, and banana. I took-off with my haul and a mental triumphant “squee!”.

Vanillia is a classic and my favourite. Creamy and not very heavy - it's perfect. Green Tea is a close second with the faint bitterness of matcha (which I like) on the tongue. The banana I tried had a very fresh banana taste, but I would get the vanilla over the banana any day.

While I know this isn’t the pinnacle of cream puff-ery, I enjoy eating these not-too-sweet treats nonetheless. Light and airy, this is a lovely afternoon (or after breakfast, or after dinner…) snack.

Coincidentally (I THINK NOT), today’s (Oct. 20, 2010) Deal Of The Day over at Redflagdeals.com is $10 for a box of 2 vanilla, 2 green tea, and 2 “feature flavour” puffs, as well as 2 cheese cakes and 2 fondue chocolate cakes. Currently 245/1000 coupons sold...

Photos/blog: http://bit.ly/apEmfx
Deal: http://dealoftheday.redflagdeals.com/...

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  1. Oh damn. I kinda hate you for this news (but in a good way!). I love cream puffs...

    1. Yum, I've seen this place many times before when I'm at Pac Mall, but I've always been disappointed by the lack of demand this place gets. Maybe the deal from Red Flag Deals will work and your article as well! Btw, many thanks for the deal info!

        1. OMG the chain finally made it to Toronto (and I didn't even know about it until now)! Thanks for posting this. I love the ones with vanilla custard.

          Also, if you knew about the origin of the chain, have you tried it at the other locations abroad, and if so, how do these compare?

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          1. re: tarteaucitron

            The first time I had it in San Fran was awesome. I ate two in one sitting! I had some in Boston which weren't very good at all. Admittedly, I think I dragged it around a bit before eating. Hard to recall now!

            1. re: tarteaucitron

              I used to eat them in HK. They had ones topped with fruit, which I liked a lot - but I heard they don't do it here!

              1. re: tarteaucitron

                Thanks for letting us know... these cream puffs are awesome! Also, first had them in HK, but also tried them in Los Angeles and they were pretty much the same.

              2. jlunar (or anyone, really), can you tell me where in Pacific Mall the store is? 2nd floor?

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                1. re: TorontoJo

                  jlunar mentions in her post that its 2nd floor, north food court.

                  1. re: haggisdragon

                    Duh. I suppose it would help if I read more closely, no? Thanks and sorry!

                2. It's absolutely fantastic. The actual pastry could be a touch flakier/fresher for my liking, but the custard is beyond reproach. Filled to the brin with vanilla beans and not too sweet at all!

                  Hella addictive! I've been going to the pac mall location for a couple of months now! If you can find the dragon's beard candy guy make sure to get some from him too its so good!

                  +HK style milk black bubble tea
                  + that great fresh handmade noodle soup

                  That's a great eating afternoon right there all in PCMall

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                  1. re: themiguel

                    Can you tell me where in Pac Mall Beard Papa's is? I have to run in tomorrow and have minimal time so want to be able to make a bee line for it. :)

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      Hi TorontoJo: To answer your question of where Beard Papa's is located in the Pacific mall, they are on the second floor. Their store is very small so it might be hard to find it, but if you take the main escalators upstairs, you should probably see it on the right-hand corner from your front. But here is their official address:

                      4300 Steeles Avenue East, 2nd floor of the Pacific Mall, Markham, Ontario (905) 604 0060

                      You can also call them from that number and place an order for pick up as well which is also great cause then you can know what their daily specials are. Enjoy their cream puffs cause I'll guarantee you that they are very delicious and over-loaded with cream.

                  2. Just happened to be at Pacific Mall last weekend and noticed this place. My first thought was... really strange name for cream puff shop. Unlike many of you, can't say that I ever noticed this chain on my travels in Asia.

                    Anyway, the very friendly server was giving out free samples so my SO and I just had to try one. Darn... they were really good. Light, flaky pastry and cream with lots of flavour, not overly sweet. It was really hard to say no (as I am on a weight loss program... 95 pounds and counting!)

                    1. YAY! When I used to live in NYC I loved having a regular dose of Beard Papa. Now I have an excuse to visit PacMall more often.


                      1. I dropped by after reading jlunar's post. As this is one of my favourite desserts (and a chain I've frequently enjoyed), I tried the vanilla, matcha and banana. I'm not really a banana fan, so it was no surprise that the banana wasn't really something I'd ever bother getting again. The vanilla and matcha were pretty good though.

                        The issue: the pastry was quite airy, the crème was pretty good, but there was a serious lack: butter (and flavour in the pastry). I'm not saying they don't use butter; I'm sure they probably do. Canada butter is really depressing, though.

                        I've been a bit spoiled for flawless choux à la crème; it's certainly worth going here. They just won't send you directly back to France.

                        Considering the price, and the fact that we live in Toronto, where decent butter isn't exactly going to randomly appear magically in our pastry, I'd say it's definitely worth going. Price is right, and they're pretty good.

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                        1. re: tjr

                          I was generally very pleased with my vanilla cream puffs (especially given the coupon price point). I was actually happier with the pate a choux than with the custard. I thought the pate a choux was surprisingly light and airy and didn't have the eggy cardboard taste that bad pate a choux has. I guess I've never experienced a pate a choux that actually tasted like butter! The custard, on the other hand, had a nice flavour and wasn't too sweet, but there was a slight grittiness to it that detracted from my enjoyment a bit. I love, love, love custard (it's the primary reason I love cream puffs), but the best are smooth as silk, which this wasn't.

                          Regardless, I'm tickled pink that Beard Papa's is in town. And in case people haven't seen these cream puffs before, they are HUGE. Think baseball sized, not the delicate little one-bite pastries that are the typical cream puff.

                          1. re: TorontoJo

                            Given everything, it sounds pretty good. One more important factor that makes the puffs good is freshness, which all this increased publicity might just help with.

                          2. re: tjr

                            I don't know about the puffs here, but I remember seeing on some food show that the puffs are shipped from Japan frozen and baked on site. They were talking about the New York store I think.

                              1. re: sweetie

                                That's not true that this location. I have seen them make the batter and placed it in the oven.

                                1. re: Lovemomoe

                                  I severely doubt you saw them make batter. Part of Beard Papa's claim to fame is the consistency of their product. I've seen a video where they gave a tour of the factory that produces the frozen product. I've seen cases of the frozen puffs at the Vancouver location. They're like Tim Hortons where the product is produced at a central factory and baked on site. Unfortunately I think the filling custard comes from a mix.

                                  1. re: sbug206

                                    I dont think it comes from a mix at all, or at the very least not all of it. I have seen them mix fresh cream with bananas to make their banana flavour right there on site.

                                    1. re: themiguel

                                      And I also recall seeing slabs of butter in their tiny kitchen area when I was there.

                                2. re: sweetie

                                  i saw batter being baked...

                                  i tried them at a stall in a train station in japan and chalked up my dislike to the quickie to-go location, but a friend picked up some and the memories of why popped back up again. the pate a choux was fine, it was mostly the filling that i had such issues with. the texture was powdery and the strawberry flavour reminded us of pocky. the vanilla was ok in flavour but really that texture threw everything off. the next day i hopped over to prague deli and couldn't help myself from scarfing the whole cream puff down. just wish they also did plain vanilla instead of caramel.

                                1. re: ToxicJungle

                                  Finally tried it last week, bought one of each kind, too expensive for what it is(without coupon), not bad but nothing to write home about.

                                2. Deal up again on Livingsocial this time around:

                                  $10 for $20 worth of food/drink


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                                  1. re: ylsf

                                    thanks for the heads-up, really enjoyed the last deal. hopefully, they do the sampler pack like last time, it would be perfect to bring to summer bbq parties.

                                    1. Featured on Livingdeal today, $5 for $10. Still able to buy until October 12th.