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Oct 20, 2010 06:05 AM

gyros everywhere

I've had cravings for gyros recently and even have had three in the last week (Med. Grill, Olive Bistro, Athens Pizza).
I know Nick's has a good one, but are there other places where I can get a good gyro?

Ever get a craving for something? What? And where do you go?

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  1. There's a relatively new place downtown right next to my office building that makes great lamb schwarma (Middle-Eastern version of gyros). It's in the Candler building on Ptree, across from the Equitable building, but I can't even remember the name. I like that you can get it in a wrap rather than pita for easier consumption...the wrap holds in all the goodies better, IMO. I get it with everything, which includes baba ghanoush, hummus, yogurt sauce and spicy red pepper sauce, onions and I can't remember all the rest (I just keep saying "Yes" when they ask if I want something on it). So if you're downtown for lunch, try it out and I'll look for the name next time I go.

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      It's called "Downtown Gourmet" - I went yesterday after thinking about schwarma for 24hrs thanks to your post!

    2. I like the gyro at Downwind, they have it as a special. I really like the gyro at a place that used to be called Olympic Gyro and Kabob. I am not sure what the name is now but the gyro is very good.
      This is out Winter's Chapel Rd, Doraville.

      1. By far, the best place to go for gyros in Atlanta is Cafe Agora. It's in Buckhead, right next to where Park Bench used to be and across the street from Capital Grille. It's somewhat of a hole in the wall and Al(the owner) can be a bit to handle at first, but the food is consistent and delicious. And the hummus is amazing!

        Cafe Agora
        262 E Paces Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

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          Have got to agree that Cafe Agora is THE place to go for a delish gyros! As jrn85 mentioned, the owner Al is a fixture at the joint, and on busy nights, you might find it difficult to snag a table. On your first visit, introduce yourself to Al, and he'll guide you through the menu (truth be told, it's basic enough, but he gets a kick out of it.) More than likely, he'll also start you off with a sampler plate full of hummus, baba ganouj, labneh, tzaizki, etc. Even if the sampler is not complimentary, it's definitely worth the $7~, and it comes with bite sized pitas. The staff is easy going and accommodating, which makes it a comfortable joint. They've also started serving alcohol!

          Cafe Agora
          262 E Paces Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

        2. Christos' Pizza on Delk Road in Marietta has the best I've tasted so far. Good flavor to the meat and a well ballanced Tsatsiki dressing. Don't let the "Pizza" name mislead you, there is much more on the menu than just pizza.

          1. Pita Palace on Lavista across from Whole Foods is great. Great hummus, babaganoush, falafel, etc. The cornish hen schwarma is the best of the bunch.