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Elbow room- West Hartford

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A friend just moved to WH and we met for dinner. She wanted to go to the Elbow Room and I agreed, against my better judgement.

I had thought I would be disappointed and I was right. the service was painfully slow, for 5:30 on a Tuesday. The server stood in the bar with our glasses of wine and chatted with the bartender about her husband, while we watched and listened.

My friend had a turkey burger which she said was OK. I had the Blackened grouper tacos. 2 flour tortillas each with 1 very small piece of fish and a huge pile of mango salsa. No side or even a garnish on the plate for $18.95. I left hungry and poor :)

I wonder how they survive in a town with so many great food options all around them.

I told my friend that next time dinner was on me at Grants.

Elbow Room
986 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

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  1. I'm digging your honest review and I agree that Elbow Room needs to step up it's game now that WH center (including Blue Back Square) has so many other dining options. A few years ago Elbow Room, Grants and Bricco were sort of the stars of that area but the last few times I've been to Elbow Room, I too was disappointed.

    Elbow Room
    986 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

    1. I worked a few doors down from Elbow Room for several years, and got to witness the downslide firsthand. Things were OK at first, but food and service both took a bad hit when Jeff (one of the owners) came down with cancer. The other owner just didn't have the same passion for the business, and it showed. I don't know if the same guy is still there, but it wouldn't surprise me.

      As for how they survive, well, there's a lot of thirsty see-and-be-seen yuppies in the area ;)

      1. I live in WeHa and wasted one meal there - but never again. Service was slow - and most importantly uninformed and uncaring about service - and the food was sloppy, cold, ugly and tasted like a foot. In other words, i was not impressed.

        1. I have been there several times in the past and each time had a good meal, inclusing the mac & cheese but the last time I went the mac & cheese was way off!

          1. the elbow room has always sucked. its initial cache was that it was the first outdoor dining venue in town. it was also one of the first of the new wave places to open. you went there because there was few choices. I don't know how they have survived. the roof top bar is cool. but for food, now that you can eat out at grants or max oyster on Farmington Ave, there is no comparison. Grant's is absolutely the outdoor choice. But now that's its winter.....? Here is hoping that the Elbow Room will start paying attention to their food, upgrade it, and become a player in the West Hartford scene again. They are living on their rep, they are even worse than Cocoa's which went under in less than a year. BTW, they are sprucing up Cocoa's space, anyone know what's going in there?

            Farmington Ave Restaurant
            960 Farmington Ave, Berlin, CT 06037

            Elbow Room
            986 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107