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Oct 20, 2010 05:46 AM

Christmas in Vienna

My family is spending Christmas in Vienna. Noticed several restaurants are closed for the 24th and 25th (mein lam graben and Steirereck both closed) We would prefer a lovely tasting menu for at least one of those dinners. Noticed Le Ciel is open both 24th and 25th. Coberg is open for both. Don't know about Bauer. Can you make some recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. The pre-Xmas season is the busiest time for restaurants here in Vienna, which will be solidly booked between Dec 1 and 23 for Xmas parties. Starting Dec 24 most restaurants will be closed for the holiday.

    The only restaurants open will be the hotel restaurants. Le Ciel, Anna Sacher, Coburg and a few others (which do not come to my mind right now) might be recommended, others like the Korso or the restaurants at the Hilton, Marriot and Intercontinental hotels are just average hotel food in a mediocre ambiente.

    A few smaller hotel restaurants such as K├Ânig von Ungarn or at Hotel Triest might also be open, but you have to ask for details. I could also recommend the "Wirtshaus im Palais Kinsky" :

    BTW: Meinl am Graben does not have a restaurant any more, just a supermarket cafeteria of doubtful quality...

    1. Last year I ate at Zum Weissen Rachfangkeher around Christmas, but I'm not sure of the date. I'm surprised I don't see the restaurant recommended here. Wonderful meal and best wine card in Vienna.

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        I am sure they close for the holidays, because they are closed on Sunday.
        But you might be lucky, just ask .

      2. I'll be there as well. Have booked 12/25 meal at the restaurant of the Hotel Stefanie, the Kronprinz Rudolf. I am sure it will be quite festive, with genuine food. Many good places are open between Christmas and new Years. have reserved at the Meierei (related to Steirereck), which has a website. For something more "down home," look at Rudi's Beisl or Beim Czaak. There are loads of great, local meals to be had during this season.