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Oct 19, 2010 08:56 PM

New Shanghai - Chinatown - Report

A friend and I tried New Shanghai for the first time the other day - and we were quite impressed! Great Sichuan food, and some other good stuff too.

We shared the following:

Shredded Pork and pickled vegetable soup - Huge bowl which could have served 5 of us, simple soup with nice pickled radish and also sliced bamboo shoot, along w/ pork. Nothing earth-shattering, but nice.

Dan Dan Noodles - Very good, and a LOT of sichuan pepper. In fact, probably this was the most heavily sichuan-peppered dish I've ever had in America. Good amount of spice as well, and definitely well worth it.

Shredded Chicken with Spicy Special Sauce - This was wicked good, and probably one of the top 3 things I've eaten since coming back to Boston. The sauce was bright red with chili oil, but also a bit sweet - chicken was tender and flavorful.

Peking Style Green Bean Tofu - This is really more of a noodle than tofu..... 凉粉 is made from the starch of mung beans, and the texture is somewhat jellylike. At first I thought it was actually going to be a green tofu which I had in Beijing at a Guizhou restaurant ( ). I really need to learn to read Chinese :-/
Anyway, this dish was nice, a good cooling dish to balance out the others. The dressing on the noodles was very light, and contained some sesame oil and a bit of wasabi, which was a nice touch. A Sichuan version of this same type of "tofu" is also available.

Pork and Leek Dumplings - Surprisingly good, filling was particularly flavorful, dough was a bit thin and too soft, but still pretty excellent dumplings overall.

This was far too much food for 2 of us, but we ate a lot of it. I definitely want to return soon.

New Shanghai Restaurant
21 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

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  1. don't miss the cumin lamb next time!

    1. You did well with 2 people. I also like the pork belly and scallions, the chengdu chicken and (with barleywino), the cumin lamb.

      1. Really enjoyed their Fish with Spicy Bean Sauce this past summer.

        1. I have to disagree about the Dan Dan noodles. The version I had at New Shanghai were heavily spiced but the sauce was oddly sweet. Also the noodles themselves were way over cooked. Anyone else have a similar experience?

          The weakness of New Shanghai's Dan Dan was made even clearer to me two weeks later, when I went to the place in Billerica, which had perfectly spiced AND perfectly cooked Dan Dan -- I almost wept withjoy at how delicious they were. Certainly better than anything I've had since I was in Sichuan in 2005.

          New Shanghai Restaurant
          21 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

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          1. re: astrid

            The Dan Dan noodles I had were slightly overcooked (but not way overcooked), but the sauce definitely wasn't sweet. The chicken dish I had, which had a similar sauce to the Dan Dan Mian, was meanwhile very sweet (but in a good way)

            I thought the dan dan noodles at Sichuan Garden in Framingham were better though...but had less sichuan pepper.

            I really need to make my way up to Billerica sometime soon!

            Sichuan Garden
            295 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

          2. I've come to really like this place. It's cut into my Orange Line trips to Fuloonand Green to Brookline Village. Never mind the great places in Framingham or Billerica..:)

            Here's a few of the dishes that I like..the shredded chicken that you had and the cumin lamb mentioned,.Peking Spicy Cabbage, Szechuan wontons, Numbing Hot Bamboo shoots, minced beef sandwich cake, boiled beef filet.

            The soup dumplings are ok but far better at the newer dumpling place next to Penang on Washington.

            Lots more I want to try.

            BTW, their lunch specials are delicious, inexpensive, and with a few pastries from Hing Shing or Great Taste can be easily stretched to 2 meals.