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Oct 19, 2010 07:27 PM

seafood city

dropping someone off at airport, thought i'd stop at seafood city. what to get there? anyplace else to go for quarterly trip to the big city?

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  1. Check out the produce - they've had some really good deals, particularly on tropical fruit. If you like longanisa, they've got a bunch of varieties (frozen and unfrozen) and the meat section looked interesting. The attached fast food places have been a big hit with extremely long lines whenever I've been there (so I haven't tried them yet, but am excited to try Jollibee - I saw someone with a GIANT halo halo that looked pretty awesome).

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      seafood city is less than half the size of ranch99 in edmonds. it does have big assortment of pig innards and chicken feet and gizzards. lots of staff busy cleaning but not accomplishing much as there is a fishy smell. wish i tried the halo halo at jollibee but it was too early in morning for me.