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Oct 19, 2010 06:23 PM

Can't remember the name of the place! - TO

I'll apologize in advance for my lack of good directions and possible inability to describe the place correctly ...

A few years ago I went to an italian/pizza restaurant near downtown Toronto, east of Young St. It was a nondescript place that you almost missed unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. The entrance seemed to almost be off an alley or side street. You went up some stairs and the restaurant itself was quite small. There was a long 'bar' and a wood burning oven for their hand-tossed pizza. The washrooms were shared with other businesses in the building (which I think included a hair salon!)

I want to say it was somewhere in the area between Jarvis and River, Dundas and Queen ... but could be incorrect.

I went there because Chowhounders said it was good ... and I quite enjoyed the thin crust pizza.

Does anyone know the name of the place and if they are still open (and any good?!)

Thanks so much ...

- a non-Ontarian!!!

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  1. Mangia & Bevi. Do I win a prize?

    Mangia & Bevi
    260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA

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    1. re: Herb

      Yup, Herb wins, that's definitely M & B. It's on Ontario street, just north of King St east of Sherbourne St. The place is a little easier to find now because they've built a wooden patio out front, so it actually looks like a restaurant from the outside now instead of a fire exit. I also noticed recently they have obtained a building permit to expand the inside space, so it seems they are doing well and our not-so-secret-anymore local pizza spot will be around for a long time. Good news!

    2. While I agree that the description does sound like Mangia & Bevi, M&B does not have a wood burning oven. However, their pizza is still great.

      Mangia & Bevi
      260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA

      1. Thanks everyone! It is Mangia & Bevi. My apologies for the lateness in responding. After posting, I answered my own question ... and then had forgotten I had requested your help.

        I recommended the place to a friend who is in TO at the end of the week. Hopefully they aren't disappointed!

        Mangia & Bevi
        260 King E, Toronto, ON M5A1K3, CA