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Oct 19, 2010 05:50 PM

Smoked Cheese

We made our first attempt at smoking cheese over the week-end. We did a sharp cheddar with Apple wood. It turned out amazing with a rich smokey flavor. Do any of you have any tips or geat smoked cheese recipes. We we're also wondering about using different woods.

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  1. I usually have trouble with smoky flavor. The only recipe I've liked has been a smoked gouda sauce, and this could work. You brown either turkey cutlets or sliced a pork tenderloin into filets, then pound then thin and brown them. Remove when almost cooked through. Saute shallots and mushrooms until they're cooked, then add a hefty splash of chicken broth, a splash of cream, and shredded smoked cheese. Stir to melt. It should be pretty thick, but either add broth or cook down, as needed. Stir in a handful of frozen peas, add the meat back in, salt and pepper, and serve.

    1. We like smoked gouda mashed potatoes and the leftovers work well in codfish cakes. Also we have used smoked cheese in shrimp and grits and in polenta. What about a smoked Welsh rarebit or smoked mac and cheese with bacon?

      1. Try Parmesan. It's awesome.

        I get the cheese as cold as I can since I'm hot smoking. I leave it in for about a half hour and I put it on cheese cloth. It comes out ooey but still in block shape. Cool and enjoy.

        I use whatever wood I have.


        1. i smoke jarlesburg and swiss alot ,i use fruitwoods and hickory(sometimes mixed together)a good tip is to slightley dry the cheese a bit.(takes the smoke better,same goes for sausage casings)and keep a pan of ice in your smoker to keep the temp down.the colder the better

          1. Give me a quick tutorial on how you do this. I have one of those cheap vertical smoker things and if it's possible I'd LOVE to try smoking cheese. I would worry that it would melt and go all squooshy.

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              if ya want it really cold with an upright electric,dont use the element thats in it to light the wood ,throw on a piece of lit hard wood coal into the wood pan ,dont soak the wood before hand ,you just want a short smoking time so dry wood will do .and keep said pan of ice in the camber,helps to cool the smoke.guaranty no meltage .then leave the smoked cheese in the fridge for a few days before eating to mellow out.hope that helps .

              1. re: howlin

                I really want to try this. I may wait until it gets quite cold outside - which would also help keep the temperature low in the smoker. Also will use ice. It's a charcoal type so no electric elements. Thanks for the tips.

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                  good idea on the cold day,its snowing and frozen where i am right now.tommorrow might by cheese smoking day yum.