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Oct 19, 2010 05:47 PM

NC, Triangle: Farmhand Foods and their Sausage Wagon Launch 10/28

Thursday 10/28 from 5:30 - 8:30 at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham will be the first night of business for Farmhand Foods and their Sausage Wagon. This couples NC pasture raised meats with the charcuterie skills of Drew Brown (Piedmont). The Sausage Wagon will travel the Triangle in the future bringing sausage love to all!

Here's some links:

(Mods, I've nothing to do with any of the players, I just love sausage!)

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  1. I saw this earlier in the week and am also excited about it. I wish the website gave more detail about what they're expecting to offer.

    1. You will have to see if they will set up during farmers market and then you can get your own meat and 3 ;-)

      I should read the links before I ask, but is this sausage to cook or is it sausage to eat out of hand?

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      1. re: burgeoningfoodie

        from the facebook posting, it seemed like they would have both.

        1. re: brokegradstudent

          Will be interesting to see how they stack up to places like Giacomo though the types of sausage may be very different.

      2. The food menu so far...from Drew himself:

        -Spicy Italian Sausage with mustard & fennel chow chow:
        -sausage is pretty spicy and contains fennel seeds. the mustard is also strong and the chow chow is sweet & acidic. all kinds of flavor in this one.

        -Bratwurst with whole grain mustard & Fullsteam beer braised onions:
        -pretty mild sausage flavored with coriander, caraway & white pepper. Onions will be slightly sweet & slightly acidic and flavored with whatever beer we go with.

        -Smokey Polish sausage with pimento cheese & pickles:
        -smoked sausage seasoned with spanish smoked paprika & marjoram. It'll be mildly spicy as will the pimento cheese. .

        -Country breakfast sausage with maple spread & roasted apples:
        -As you'd expect this one is pretty sweet. The sausage itself is a pretty classic breakfast sausage seasoned with sage, cayenne & pepper. The spread is just reduced maple syrup and the apples are diced to mimic a pickled relish but are pan roasted and finished with brown sugar.

        We'll also have a vegetarian option. For now I'm thinking sort of a grilled cheese involving local goat cheese, arugula and fig jam.

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        1. re: peetoteeto

          So you can't buy sausage in bulk? Like if I just want 3 sopressata sausages to take home...

          So this is in the fullsteam frame of mind.. have you guys thought about showing up at the Lex BBQ Festival with the Hogwash? I wasn't sure if it was a nonalcoholic event, but it is pretty large and just figured a great place to have some distribution.

          1. re: peetoteeto

            Too bad it's scheduled on the same day as the NC State v. FSU game or else I'd be there. Gotta support my Noles!

            But they're going to be there other days of the week as well, correct?

            1. re: bbqme

              Moving forward....the wagon will be at Fullsteam on Sundays. From talking with Drew, the plan is to offer items for off-site consumption, but that may or may not be happening this first go-around. Cheers!

              1. re: peetoteeto

                If I may make a suggestion, I think Wednesday would be a good day for Drew to be at Fullsteam. That way people can hit the Wednesday Farmers Market and then pop down the street to get beer and sausages from y'all. I work in downtown Durham so a weekday works much better for me since I live in Chapel Hill. I suspect a lot of other folks are in a similar boat.

                1. re: bbqme

                  I shall pass that idea along. For now, Farmhand Foods will be at Fullsteam on Sundays. We'll revisit that idea when the Wednesday Farmers Markets return to Durham...

            2. re: peetoteeto

              I had a chance to have a preview taste this week at State and it was simply delicious! Loved the sausage with the chow-chow & the bread was perfect for me to soak up a bit of the spicy mustard. Hope to track you down again very soon! Thank you!

              1. re: peetoteeto

                Any plans for a beef (i.e., pork-free) sausage?

                1. re: durhamois

                  Here's another vote for that idea.