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Oct 19, 2010 05:27 PM

Where to buy Tamarind paste

I have visited several Mexican Markets without success in finding Tamarind Paste, know of any place in the South Bay area of Los Angeles where I can find it ????

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  1. Surfas, if you're willing to hit Culver City...or if you have an Indian market near you, they should have it.

    1. I find it in many Asian makets. Look to Middle Eastern as well.

      1. I found the brick variety recently at Silom Market, 5321 Hollywood Blvd. (Seafood City in Eagle Rock does not have it, by the way.)

        I thought this article about tamarind paste, how to buy it, etc. was good.

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          Thanks, LL1, for the LA Times article about using tamarind pulp or paste. I have an unopened jar of tamarind paste, and now I will open it with more purpose.

        2. all of the indian and middle eastern grocery stores in torrance have it, as well as saigon market in lawndale.

          1. Whole Foods carries tamarind paste (jar, not brick).

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              I've gone to several WF (and other natural foods & mexican markets looking for tamarind paste) in LA/SFV w/o success. Which WF location have you found tamarind paste at?

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                whole foods on lincoln and rose sells neera's tamarind paste. i'm sure every thai store in thai town sells it also. bay cities on lincoln and broadway sells it too.