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Oct 19, 2010 03:35 PM

Looking for a Monastery-style fruitcake recipe.

Hi all,
I have searched the recipes here and have not been able to find what I am looking for. My father-in-law is 83 and quite ill. He is a farmer who has done quite a bit of cooking in his lifetime and I wanted to make a good brandied-up fruitcake with him. I am not sure if he will still be here with us at Christmas but we would have so much fun making it together. We cook together when he is able and his skills are just amazing.
Anyway, I am looking for a recipe kind of like the monks make to sell at Christmas- the one that is dark, moist and soaked in brandy. I did buy the candied fruits from the market but will happily discard them. We don't like raisins but love all other fruits and nuts.

If anyone can please help, I will be forever grateful. It would truly be the best Christmas present.

Many thanks!

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  1. Perhaps you might consider ordering an Assumption Abbey Fruitcake?

    Or perhaps you might use Alton Brown's recipe. He's pretty good at these kinds of things.

    Mr Taster

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      I've been using Alton Brown's recipe for years. It's very adaptable and can be heavily soaked in brandy - we soak it, them spritz it every few days while it ages to perfection.