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Oct 19, 2010 03:25 PM

New Mexican in SoNo

Was hearing rumors that a new Mexican place (same owners as Lolita in Greenwich) was to open on Washington St. Drove by some place that could've been it, but didn't get a good look. Anyone have any intel? Thanks.

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  1. Red Lulu. Lots of strong feelings on both sides of the fence over at, haven't heard much here. I haven't been but my friends went and were strongly on the negative side. Too loud, too dark, mediocre food and very expensive drinks. Seems to be hot with the 20-30 something crowd though.

    1. Is this a "new Mexican" or "New Mexican" place?

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Here is a link to the CTbites article about Red Lulu. As you can see from the comments below it, it is strongly love it or hate it.

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            The response thread was more informative than the article itself. Though I did learn from the article that it is Mexican-inspired, not Mexican, let alone New Mexican-inspired or New Mexican.

            The haters seem real. The folks who love it don't sound like chowhounders, they sound like astroturfers, relentless cheerleaders. And if they are jumping up and down over Geronimo's in New Haven, then they are certainly putting style over substance. Geronimo's IS confused. If it is a trendy place to hang out in a relatively small city without a lot of options, that does not make them a great restaurant.

            I'm also dubious about the sister restaurant, seeing as it's named (in an attempt to sound sexy or something) after the victim of a pedophile, a girl who'd been kidnapped and kept as a sex slave. Yeah. Really, you shouldn't name your restaurant after a character in a novel that you haven't even bothered to read. Somehow, I find that telling.