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Oct 19, 2010 03:25 PM

Solo female diner in Brussels next week (oct 24-30)

I'm travelling to Brussels next week and would like to have some recommendations for solo, female diner. I prefer to go to places that does not require reservation, perhaps sit at the bar, and eat something that's really good but not requiring a 2hr+ dinner. Looking for recommendation in the St. Catharine, Grand Sablon, and near the Trone metro stop area that's <50euro for dinner. It'd be much preferred if the area feels safe after dark.


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  1. Meg Zimbeck, a Paris blogger and food expert, wrote an appealing post on a restaurant called Vismet, at 23 place Ste-Catherine, 1000 Brussels (Ste-Catherine). I haven't been, but I am interested in this for my trip in July. You can see the write up on Meg Zimbeck's website.

    1. Noordzee is a wonderful place for lunch. You eat on the sidewalk standing at the counter or at a few high tables. It is a fish market where you can choose your fish and have it cooked right there. Delicious and inexpensive. Here is a link to their website:

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        Thank you Nancy S. and rrems for recommendations. Do you know if places like Le Fourneau or Switch or I'idiot du Village require reservation?

        1. re: wendy

          When we went to l'Idiot du Village it was full (on a monday night in late september). I would not risk walking in without a res. In fact, it seems that any good restaurant in Brussels will be busy, so I would always reserve.

      2. Wendy,

        Where did you end up going, how was it etc.?