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Oct 19, 2010 02:40 PM

Cheap catering

Ok, Atlantans, I've got a question for you - where should I turn for cheap catering? Ive thought of Taqueria del Sol and Figo so far and might be able to strike a deal with Alon's. Any other ideas? Mexican or Latin American are options but I don't know which restaurants could do catering in that ethnic world...


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  1. Are you sticking to just Mexican/Latin cuisines? What's the occasion? If you are open to Vietnamese, Viet Tofu can do catering and it's fairly inexpensive.

    1. Willy's. My wife's sister requested it for her 50th recently.

      1. FYI, I've used the Taqueria del Sol catering before and they did a great job - the food turned out great and my total was surprisingly low. People were taking home to-go plates!