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MSP: Poutine

Looking for recs for poutine...have had Forepaugh's and Burger Jones. Any other places you know of? Thanks.

Burger Jones
3200 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Forepaugh's Restaurant
276 Exchange St S, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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  1. The Strip Club version is good, but is no longer on the menu. You might ask when they'll have it back.

    The Strip Club
    378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106

    1. Harry's used to have it.

      Haute Dish had it last time we were there, but it was non-traditional.

        1. I tried it at the MOA R-Burger place. I thought it was a bit soggy there, and was a little disappointed but it was still good. So you can try their poutine before eating one of their awesome burgers. Otherwise, I'll likely give it another try elsewhere.

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            Sorry, I'm blanking on this one, but what is the MOA R-Burger place?


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              It's a burger-oriented bar attached to the comedy club on the 4th level, east side of the Mall of America. I haven't found it that noteworthy, unless you are posting to find higher-priced burgers.

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                Wow. Everything about that sounds awful.

          2. Haute Dish. We enjoyed it last week. It isn't the classic poutine but very tasty.

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              I've had the Haute Dish version, which I liked a lot - thought the cheese diggler could have been a bit better though.

              The Duplex version is also quite good, but I like the gravy from Haute Dish more. If I could have combined the gravy from Haute Dish and the cheese from Duplex it'd be perfection!

            2. The Triple Rock....which is also the answer to the Mac and Cheese thread too.

              The TR's is $7.50 for a skinny fries, clumps of white cheese and salty-but-not-too-salty good gravy.

              And just a note, Wednesday offers free bacon.

              1. Not actually poutine, but if you are at Ikea for food you can get the gravy (which is vegetarian) on the fries and it is very good. A pleasant surprise.

                1. Otay. I'll bite. What IS poutine?

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                    Fries with cheese curds and gravy, originally a specialty of rural Quebec. Really delicious, but not health food.


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                      Like I give a rat'z south end for healthful. Sounds TO DIE for. I must re-read all posts and go find this stuff. Making me drool.

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                        Then you are in for a treat. The most wickedly decadent poutine I've ever had was topped with foie gras, but honestly, I like it better with just the traditional elements.


                  2. Just saw in this week's City Pages that a place called The Ugly Mug in dt Mpls has poutine. Made with white cheese curds from Ellsworth Creamery.

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                    1. Tria Restaurant in North Oaks has the best poutine. Hand cut fries and the option to add Foie Gras. It's not on the menu, all you have to do is ask!

                      5959 Centerville Road, North Oaks, MN 55127

                      1. The French Hen on Selby Avenue has an interesting and tasty version. It's made with hash browns, gruyere cheese and a spicy Andouille gravy.

                        Mac's Fish and Chips also has a pretty good, more traditional version.

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                          I just heard today that Ward Six over on the East Side has a version going that's great.

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                            It is great! We order it every time we go, very traditional version, but they do it perfectly!

                        2. The Left-Handed Cook at Midtown Global Market has a pretty good poutine, with a runny egg on top and curry seasoning. We've gotten it several times

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                            Is that still served at that Rabbit Hole? LHC has closed I believe.

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                              It is still on the menu at Rabbit Hole

                              Rye has a very good (albiet somewhat inconsistent) poutine.

                              I've not been there yet, but Tom Reid's apparently has the best one. It is, afterall, hockey bar, owned by a Canadian, frequented by visiting hockey media!

                              It's also served at Mac's Fish and Chips!

                              I recently had a bad one. Fried Cheese Curds! UG!!

                              Also, Trader Joe's now sells frozen Poutine, if you're in a DIY mood, but don't actually want to make any of the ingredients yourself!

                          2. Eat Street Social has a nice poutine.

                            1. "Ward 6" on Payne Ave. in St. Paul made me a believer! Delicious!

                              1. Tom Reid's on 7th in St.Paul--good every time I've been there
                                The Lodge in Robbinsdale
                                Pub42 (old Sunshine Factory location in New Hope)--they have pulled pork in their version.
                                Streetz in Bloomington (never quite get the curds hot enough to melt at all)

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                                  The Lodge in Robbinsdale uses fried Cheese Curds on their Poutine. They're the "bad one" I referred to above.

                                  I also had The Depot's Poutine, not bad but the gravy was too hot, and it sat too long before coming to the table. All of the curds had melted, making the whole thing a bit too much of a mess.

                                2. Since this thread got revived, I'll throw in a tasty version we had this week at the Depot next to First Ave. I don't know what is "traditional", but I think they have good fries and the curds and gravy were both tasty.

                                  1. The Dakota does an upscale version with bearnaise and filet bites that I order every time I'm there!