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Oct 19, 2010 01:42 PM

Chocolate buffet anywhere in Europe?

Looking for excellent chocolate buffets in all of Europe from Belgium to Switzerland and Denmark to Italy.

Anyone know of any?

I am a foodie and travel the world looking for all types of food. This time I am doing preparatory travel work for chocolate buffets particularly.


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  1. What?? Replies anyone? Anyone know of any chocolate buffets or at least some type of chocolate feast. I love chocolate buffets and want to find hidden gems that serve this.

    Other variants of this buffet:

    High Tea Buffet
    Dessert Buffet
    Ice Cream Buffet
    Snacks Buffet
    All You Can Eat Anti Pasto / Tapas / Appetizers

    Thank You!

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      Probably not what you have in mind, but the Masion Callier chocolate factory/museum in Gruyere, Switzerland has a literal chocolate buffet of everything they make served on a long, gigantic table. Plus, it's totally free.

      1. re: S_B_Russell

        Thank you! Details on this please. So, can I eat all that I want for free?? Entrance fees to the museum if any? Anything else?

        1. re: kopenhavn

          Yeah, you can try as much chocolate as you want (within reason, I'd imagine) and it's all totally free.

      2. re: kopenhavn

        I assume you are American?
        I don't think buffets/all you can eat places are such a big thing in Europe as in the US. Where they do exist they tend ot be down-market, not places you'd want to make an effort to travel to.

        1. re: Peg

          Yes, I'm American but have lived in Europe and Asia as well. Please expand on your term down-market and give me more details please. Thank you!

          Suggest some specific places in Europe or areas or communities if you know as well.

          1. re: kopenhavn

            I've never seen a "high tea" buffet anywhere I've gone for tea in Europe. It's always plates of things brought to your table. As the previous poster said, I don't think buffets are popular in Europe. Food sitting out for several hours isn't conducive to quality and the all-you-can-eat phenomenon is really an American style of of thing. The only buffets I've seen are breakfasts at hotels.

            1. re: kopenhavn

              By 'down market' I mean catering to the 'quantity over quality' type of clientele.
              Almost by definition a place that delivers all-you-can-eat for a fixed price cannot be supplying high quality food.

        2. There are a few Chinese places that put out buffets, but no, Europe by and large doesn't have buffets.