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Oct 19, 2010 01:10 PM

roast goose chinese style

does anyone know of a good place for chinese style roast goose? i hear the goose here are not as tasty as the hong kong ones, but i still wanna try one (if they r canadian geese, than i will eat it as revenge for hissing at me)

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  1. HAHA I find the geese in the east end of the city (near the zoo) particularly annoying. Especially during mating season, they will definitely attack you if you come close.

    Anyway, I'm going to say you can find decent ones at Sam Woo. I find there's really no one place to get these because it's a hit or miss. And you're right, the goose they use isn't the same as Sham Tseng..tough meat, not I tend to go for duck instead. Hope this helps.

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    1. re: thefoodpursuit

      Yes, Sam Woo B-B-Q and occasionally Foody Mart in the same plaza have them. Due to lack of demand, geese for consumption, in Canada, are usually raised 'free range' , hence the chewiness. ( which I quite enjoy over the mushy texture of the 'hormone duck'! ).

      Sam Woo Restaurant
      660 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5R3V2, CA

      534 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON L4M5A2, CA

      1. re: Charles Yu

        is there a time at sam woo that they run out by? i think ive asked before, but it is always sold out or not in season (when is the season if there is a season?).

        chewy sounds good to me, i really dont like the taste of roast duck breast, it is very mushy and reminds me of liver, but in a bad way... i always go for the leg.

        1. re: Pigurd

          I loathe the typical duck breast mushiness the exact same way too (well, but will still eat it eventually if no one else wants it). In my books, a mushy breast for eating medium rare, which makes it somewhat more palatable.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          Hormone duck? Well that's another story. If you want duck, just buy organic. They can be tender AND not have that 'stench'. Mushy just sounds wrong.

          Oh and I believe Foody Mart has a promo going on...$17 for a roasted goose.

          1. re: thefoodpursuit

            how is foody's roast goose? 17 sounds pretty good.

            1. re: Pigurd

              I never tried Foody's. I may even have to get one for myself from all this talk about birds.

              Found this old thread, looks like I missed out on some good quack!

            2. re: thefoodpursuit

              Chinese mass produce B-B-Q using 'organic' duck!! That will be the day!!!
              Sure, I can buy an organic duck and make my own B-B-Q version. Take at least 3 days for the entire process, thats all!!
              In my book, non free range poultry sold in the Canadian market all have texture thats too 'soft' , no feel and totally unappealing!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                On the other hand, the day may arrive soon, when you can bring your own, preferred duck to your favourite, befriended BBQ location, and have them prepare it for you.

                1. re: tarteaucitron

                  That day may already be here, depending on your BBQ location's willingness. My family has done this before, but not in Toronto.

        3. Inside Market Village, near the food court, is a bbq place that sells bbq roast goose. Sorry, I forget the name of the place. This place looks like a food court vendor, and only sells HK style bbq meat (pig, pork, chicken, etc) or you can order them with steam rice.

          I've bought whole bbq goose from them a couple of times to take home. I thought they were excellent. I find the goose have less fat than the duck, and more flavour.

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          1. re: 1moreround

            i think ive seen it before, ill check it out as well, thanks

          2. Oh how I miss roast goose. I've never had in HK style, I've always ate mine off the street in Malaysia.

            Will be keeping my eye out for roast goose. I WILL try the ones from Foodie Mart and Sam Woo for sure though. $17 is a steal....

            Sam Woo Restaurant
            660 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5R3V2, CA

            1. went to look around at foody today, but was sold out... it seems to be 20.99 for 1 now, but usual price is only 22.99 anyways... i wonder if it will be very salty... ill try going earlier to sam woo tmrw

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              1. re: Pigurd

                walked by market village and randomly ran across Price bbq, which had goose for 28.99... pretty good texture and is much better than duck.... i wonder when the season ends? i should eat as much as i can before the tastyness runs out