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Oct 19, 2010 11:56 AM

Willi's Wine Bar (Santa Rosa) or Girl and the Fig (Sonoma)

I'm taking my gf to sonoma this weekend for her birthday and would like to take her to a nice restaurant. If money was no object it would be cyrus for sure but that's not the case. I hear about the girl and the fig to be good, solid food but their menu is a little limited. I like Willi's menu for their selection of cheeses, charcuterie however their menu is rather huge (Asian / Med. / French ). Will I go wrong with either one? Thanks.

Willi's Wine Bar
4404 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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  1. if your girlfriend has adventurous tastes, definitely willi's. i too was admittedly skeptical when i went, but there was not a single bad plate among every thing we ordered, they even had innovative preparations with the cheese and charcuterie.

    that being said, girl and the fig is a fine restaurant with delicious food, just not quite as creative.

    also note that cyrus has a much more affordable a la carte bar menu, although i have not had it.

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      I love Cyrus bar but it is not much more affordable. The menu items are all small plates and unless you get at least 3 or 4 you will be hungry. If not hungry you will be ok , I guess, with maybe 2.

    2. Hubby and I really love Willi's for numerous reasons. #1 being their amazing wine by the glass/2 oz. pour selection. #2 being the food. We have eclectic tastes, and sometimes like to mix and match. I don't personally consider the menu for the "adventurous". My non-adventurous Midwestern inlaws loved it there.

      Note though, it's not near Sonoma (30-40 minute drive) if you plan on drinking, you might want to stay the night in SR. (Coming from a law enforcement person...believe me.)

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        come to think of it, you're right...who doesn't like truffled french fries and filet mignon sliders?

        1. re: vulber

          I've honestly never had anything at Willi's that was not absolutely delicious. Great wines by the glass also.

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          Would you recommend Willi's for casual meet/greet night before small wedding? Maybe 30 people?

        3. Thanks for all the advice! I'm sold on wili's winebar! Besides the truffled fries and sliders are there any can't miss plates? The bone marrow is grabbing my attention. It all looks pretty good to be honest. We will be staying in Rohnert Park so the drive shouldn't be too bad and I only plan on having some wine to enhance my meal not the other way around so I should be fine. Regarding to Cyrus if/when I'm able to dine there I would want to do the full blown tasting and wine pairing to get the full experience. There's always next time!

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          1. re: Justin L

            i was more just suggesting those plates for those who are less adventurous.

            definitely get the bone marrow, and definitely get the cheese plate; the pairing with truffled honey is divine.

            the mac and cheese is also excellent, but not too different from your average gourmet mac and cheese.

            also be prepared to spend some good money, the plates are definitely on the small side.

          2. thanks again for suggestions, had a great meal there last weekend. We started light with tuna tartare and baby beet salad and moved on to the truffled french fries and bone marrow. Portions were a bit small but thanks for the tip I had a late filling lunch.

            1. Had a nice meal at Willi's the other night. Bone marrow was memorable. The cheese plate with wine pairings was great, I was particularly impressed by cave-aged Marisa from Wisconsin, new to me. Very interesting selection of wines by the glass.