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Oct 19, 2010 11:36 AM

Guiseppe's Market - Weekend Brunch

It seems Guiseppe's Market offers a brunch on weekends now (maybe that's old news - I'm not sure). I gave it a try finally, and it was actually very tasty. The 'brunch' menu was mostly egg benny variations with 3 or 4 other items. I had a croissant with egg/cheese/prosciutto ($12) served with tender roasted baby potatoes. Hot Date had the frittata ($12), served in a cute small cast iron pan, also with baby potatoes. Our friends each had one of their pizzas, which I love, especially for $11. The food was very fresh and prepared well. We followed with cappuccinos (which were cold and really unimpressive) and desserts - carrot cake was FANTASTIC! as was the chocolate ganache cake.

My only major complaint about this place, is that their service situation is messed up. One poor girl is running the till, making fancy coffees, taking orders, serving and busing tables. They were quite busy, so service was slow. The Chef would actually bring dishes out, see she was busy at the till, and set them on a side board and walk off. So helpful..NOT. I felt bad for her, that she was having difficulty doing the job of three. I don't get this place at all… Are they a sit-down service place, or a serve yourself place? I don't think they even know. Our waitress would take our order if we ordered off the brunch menu, or got a pizza. But if you wanted deli, Panini, or hot Italian specials you had to serve yourself and pay separately. WTH? When we wanted dessert we also had to go up to the front and pick something from the cabinet. Other than weekday lunch, they really should go full on sit-down restaurant, not this weird half and half thing, with inadequate service.

I'm going to try to believe that someone 'called in sick' and try it again.

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  1. Because of most above reasons, I try to hit Giuseppe's only during off hours. Never at lunch. The place is a disoriented mess. I believe this is the result of mostly absentee owners/investors .?..

    Having said all that, their Pizza is very very good.

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      WWS, are you ever right about it being a disoriented mess. I just got back from there to get a coffee. It was about 1:30 so the lunch rush had passed but when I finally got to the front of the line to order (2 people in front of me with a server at the cash register who was incredibly slow) the server had to walk away to make my latte while 8 other people were waiting behind me to pay for their food that was getting cold. All the while there was a person from Calgary Health doing an inspection. I will say though that they make one of the best tiramisus I've ever had.

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        thank you asiandelilght for clarifying that this is in Calgary.