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Oct 19, 2010 10:39 AM

Endless tacos at Distrito representative?

I went to Distrito for the first time last night for their Monday Night Football special. (Unlimited tacos and enchiladas in the cantina for $25.) I'd intended this to be a wallet-friendly way to test the restaurant to see if I'd want to come back for a full tasting menu, and I was pretty disappointed in this trip. The tortillas weren't warm. The enchiladas were overwhelmed by the salsas. The black beans and rice were over-salted. The crab in the crab enchiladas reminded me of bad supermarket crab cakes where bell pepper overwhelms the sweetness of the crab. (Desserts, which we ordered separately, were good.)

I'm still not entirely ready to give up, though. I don't know whether they just didn't put their best foot forward because they figured we weren't "real" customers, or if the tacos just generally aren't the strongest part of the menu. Has anyone else been to Distrito for a regular meal and this promotion?

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  1. I haven't tried the football special, but when I went there for Dining Days (like Restaurant Week) it was pretty lame and they cut a lot of corners. The regular meals have been excellent, though.

    1. I would try one of the tasting menus, be sure to try shortrib huarachas. Never tried the enchiladas, have love the carnitas tacos but do have to say that last time they were a lttle dry whereas in the past were perfectly moist. I'd give it another shot, but perhaps they are slipping......

      1. In the "Bay" area and down the peninsula one can not turn around without stepping into a Mexican restaurant. I love most all Mexican food from just above Taco Bell to "The Best of the Bay". I have been to Distrito one time. That time I was delighted to find my choices were as good as any Mexican I have ever had. This was not a specials night, or an all you can eat. Shame on them if they provide a low quality product for these events. It is short sighted and could have just the opposite effect that they want when they lure new customers with "specials". I could have just hit a good night or had a lucky choice of food items. But on that one occasion it was very good! A tad overpriced, but worth the extra few bucks. The cocktails and special drinks were mediocre at best with downtown prices. I'll just have a beer if I go again.

        1. The regular menu offers better selections. I've been there 3-4 times and have had good meals there. I ordered the duck mole on my last visit - it was very good and came in this little cast iron pot (nice presentation). The tres leche cake was also very good.

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            PennMD, have you also tried the endless tacos, restaurant week, or anything similar? I wonder whether my tastes are just different or whether the experience I had was just a fluke.