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Oct 19, 2010 10:31 AM

Les Grand Cafe Capucines

Le Grand Factory, is more like it. We dined there, after great anticipation, on our second night. The staff seated us, then took a drink order. When they returned we werent ready to order - and then it took 20minutes to get the waiter's attention. There was a shift change which made things worse. Bottles and glasses piled up, making the small table very crowded. The food? Who remembers that, when they treat you so poorly. They wrote an email asking how we liked it, and we told them, we didnt'. I may have had steak, who knows. Over rated on all accounts.

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  1. "Over rated on all accounts" - does anyone really rate it? I don't believe it has been rated on the board. I think it is a great example of there being lots of places to eat French food in Paris, but there are few that are really good.

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      I have the same reaction as Phil. I can't see any regular - or any irregular - on this board recommending the place.