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Oct 19, 2010 10:25 AM

Early Lunch on my way to Laguardia...

I have some friends who live in Floral Park. I would like to meet them somewhere sort of handy for them and sort of handy to Laguardia before I catch my flight back home. I will be staying in Manhattan but I can taxi to anywhere to meet them. Any suggestions? Any cuisine would be fine I think (certainly for me...not too sure about them)...

Thanks NY Hounds.

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  1. Most remarkable food near LGA is, I would say, Flushing.

    Here is my rec in reply to another recent LGA lunch post:

    I would go to Little Pepper. (Szechuan in Flushing. Search board for numerous mentions. Cumin lamb one of best plates of food in the city.)

    You can also do a Flushing walking tour. Get some Szechuan. Dim sum / dumplings if you want. Soup dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. Duck buns on Main St (possibly best $1 item in North America -- Lamb sandwich at Xi'an. (


    All of this stuff is in a quarter-mile radius and you could happily feed yourself in an hr. Gorge yourself in 2.

    Little Pepper
    133-43 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354

    1. Corona is close to LGA and has some great food. Tortilleria Nixtamal is excellent for tacos and tamales.

      Tortilleria Nixtamal
      104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

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        I like Tortillia Nixtamal, however, it's bench seating, zilch atmosphere, and service can be slow--and it's small, so you don't even know if you'll get a table--it's not a place I would meet people for a sit down lunch where comfort and conversation is obviously important...If you're going to Flushing, they could park in the municipal lot, and you could go to Spicy and Tasty--if it's a weekday, they have a very inexpensive lunch special, or you could just order off reg menu as's comfortable, service is fast, and you could grab something interesting for the plane to go (cold sesame noodles, or hot chili noodles, or anything from the cold bar)--it's an excellent Szechuan place..lots of posts on it....

        Other than that--you could go to Pio Pio (Peruvian Chicken--killer hot sauce)if they've never been, in Jackson Heights, close enough to LGA as well...their new digs are not as charming as their old digs used to be--but food is still good. but it's very loud..not sure what it's like at lunch time though, might be quiet if it's early...

        Both of these are sure bets...parking should be okay, meter wise early day in Jackson Heights, also. Both easily found by a decent cab driver.

        Pio Pio
        62-30 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374

      2. Thanks for the suggestions...any others???