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Bread Pudding - help please!

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I need a good bread pudding, preferrably with a good liqueur/whiskey sauce -- any recs?

And, of course, thanks very much in advance.

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  1. The Pear Bread Pudding at Palomino's in Westwood rocks

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      So does their roasted garlic and blue cheese appetiser.

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        Max has just crushed the garlic bulb of the correct

    2. Blair's in Silverlake is suppose to have a terrific one (though I haven't had it) --

      1. The Broadway Deli on 3rd and Broadway in Santa Monica has very tasty bread pudding -- and it's about the only thing to get there.

        1. The Nook serves chocolate, caramel and banana bread pudding. Very nice!

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            I had the Nook's banana bread pudding last year and it was a soggy mess.

          2. Hi,

            Mimi's (a restaurant chain) has excellent bread pudding, with whiskey sauce. We really like it. Enjoy!

            1. There are three places I've had good bread pudding - Sonora has a booze based one, Kate Mantilini's, and Susina just added bread pudding to their menu - covered with fruit, yum.

              1. I've heard the one good and authentic dish at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney is the bread pudding. But I've not tried it myself.

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                  It's really, really tasty -- but occasionally it's not hot in the centre in which case it gets sent back.

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                    The bread pudding at the Jazz Kitchen is wonderful. I always ask for extra sauce. Yum!!

                  2. I know of 2 places in West LA that serve fantastic bread pudding: Bourbon Street Shrimp (on Pico) and Palomino (in Westwood). Enjoy!

                    1. I LOVED the one at Saddle Peak Lodge...Banana and Huckleberry bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream. It was piping hot and just melted in our mouths. Not too sweet and the banana/huckleberry flavors were not overwhelming. Just enough to make your spoon go back for more! No one at the table liked bread pudding, but we couldn't get enough of this one, even after a HUGE dinner...which was awesome, for those meat lovers out there.

                      1. PJ's Abbey in Orange. Sooo good. I've seen 3 different types so far. I was never a fan of bread pudding cuz all I've tried was Mimi's Cafe, which my mom likes but me not so much, guess I'm not really a fan of whiskey type ones. Opah's has a good one.

                        Anyone else has anymore to recommend? Feed my fat arse.

                        1. Cucina Paradiso on Motor at Woodbine (in Palms). The texture on the inside is almost flan-like. Amazing!

                          1. I had a birthday dinner at Harold & Belle's a couple years ago and their "birthday cake" was bread pudding. It was fantastic.

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                              Tried Harold and Belle's and I forget it if was whiskey or a rum type. Personally, not what I was looking for but the staff says many folks order it.

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                                It was rum, definitely rum.
                                I love that place, definitely need to go back soon.

                            2. Briganti in South Pas has an awesome Panattone Bread Pudding with a nice brown-sugar-like sauce. It has subtle hints of orange and is just beyond delicious.

                              Tuna Toast http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

                              1. The Spot (formerly Vintage Cafe) on Lincoln in northwestern Pasadena has a killer bread pudding with Whisky sauce. For some reason it's not listed on their regular menu (looks like whoever did the site missed some stuff) but it is on the "Gourmet To Go" menu (which is incomplete): http://www.thespotpasadena.com/gourme...

                                I love the food, but if you go on a night when there's a live band, don't expect to be able to converse with your dining companions (or with your server, for that matter).

                                1. Pat's on Pico near Doheny. I don't remember the particulars, only that it was yummers.

                                  1. Zeke's has BP with bourbon sauce.

                                    1. Kings Fishouse! I'm not a fan of bread pudding but this is the one place I have it, with Jack Daniel's Whiskey Sauce.

                                      1. Good Microbrew and Grill on Sunset in Silverlake has a bread pudding that's a hefty portion with a sweet whiskey sauce (that is rather strong for my taste but probably pleasing to others). The texture is satisfying but rather dense according to my preferences (I like the lighter, custardy types). But still a yummy bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

                                        1. Right when they opened a few years ago I had some great bread pudding at the Creole Chef - off Stocker near the Baldwin Hills mall. I haven't had it since, so I can't fully vouch for it now, but it definitely hit the spot...MMMmmmm...bourbon style.

                                          1. Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney serves a great bread pudding. After a nice dinner, the wait for it was worth it.

                                            1. The Grill on the Alley

                                              1. Auntie Em's Kitchen in Eagle Rock has very yummy bread pudding alot. Usually it has some kind of fruit in it.