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Oct 19, 2010 09:42 AM

Amsterdam, Berlin, Bruge - thanks to all

I wanted to thank everyone who helped me plan my trip - especially dutchgrub and linguafood. Amazing meals. In Berlin we went to Alpenstuck (good not great), Reinstoff (fabulous food, but does anyone really need to eat for four hours?), and Renger Patzsch (if you go on a Sunday night as we did, have the flummenhoff (I think that is what it is called) and a salad. More than enough - we also ordered main dishes, way too much food).
Amsterdam we went to Blue Pepper (fabulous meal), De Kas (also fabulous) De Witte Uyl (on this one Dutchgrub, I disagree with you - very charming, but the descriptions of the food were more interesting than the food itself, which was a bit underseasoned and dry) and finally Balthazarkreuken which we really liked. Very local in feel, food was excellent. In Utrecht we went to Blauw (sp?) which we also really enjoyed.
In Bruge we went to Den Dyker. Very interesting - the beer pairings are amazing. Who knew they made sour cherry beer? Anyway, all in all a great eating experience. Thanks again

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good time eating your way through western Europe!

    Never been to Reinstoff myself, and it sounds like it's an investment in more ways than one...

    With regard to RP, you probably mean their Flammekuchen aka Alsatian tarte flambée - they make a pretty good version of that.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Yes that is what I meant. A German friend described it to me as a cross between a quiche and a pizza which is pretty close if you add a bunch of onions.

    2. Yeah, de Witte Uyl seems universally recommended, but having been twice, I had very mixed experiences and probably wouldn't return. The first time was great, but the second time was a real disappointment, with some dishes at our table that were really not that good.

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        I wouldn't say de Witte Uyl is universally recommended. i ate there once and did not care for it. I think some restaurants tend to get mentioned a LOT on these boards. And no, I don't mean that de Kas, de Witte Uyl, Balthazars Keuken and Marius are not good restaurants. They are. But, there's so much more to Amsterdam!

      2. Glad you had a good trip and great meals. Always happy to help and keen on hearing what people thought. So thanks for having reported back.

        Sorry you didn't like De Witte Uyl. Hopefully the other great suggestions made up for it. I've heard disappointing feedback on De Kas a few times, but hadn't had that with De Witte Uyl except for yours and that of eoj. Will keep my eyes and ears open.

        I guess it might be time to update my Best Amsterdam Restaurant list, which has been stable for quite a while. I recently also liked Hotel de Goudfazant, Blauw aan de Wal and Fyra to name a few.


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        1. re: dutchgrub

          My experience at De Kas last month was excellent. The food was interesting and delicious, and they did a great job of dealing with a dietary restriction in our group.

          1. re: eoj

            I will be in Berlin in December. Do they only have Plaumkuchen on Sunday nights or do they also offer it other evenings? We are also thinking of going to Reinstoff. Linguafood had suggested Hartmanns in Berlin and looking at that on the website looked good. I also looked at Rutz Wine bar. Was Reinstoff worth the money and did it really take 4 hours. How many courses?

            1. re: suzieq4

              Sorry, I misspelled Flammekuchen. I was talking about RP. That sounds like a great place to go. I think we are going to try some of the place Lingua (christmas in Berlin) suggested as well as some of the places near Savignyplatz, where we are staying, like Lubitsch and Florian. Has anyone eaten at these restaurants? We ate at tFlorain in May 2009 and the food was good, especially the fish.
              Where is a good place for brunch on Sunday near Savingnplatz or near the Liebermann Villa?

              1. re: suzieq4

                The Flammkuchen is available at RP every day, not just Sundays.

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                  I just saw this post. Resinstoff was worth the money, but it really did take 4 hours. We had a 7:30 reservation and left at 11:30. At one point we looked around and wondered if anybody was allowed to leave. Other people had the same thought. I think we had the four or five course menu, but of course, there were various amuses and extras throughout. Flammekuchen was fabulous. We went on Sunday because RP is one of the few restaurants open on Sunday. Someone on this board suggested it to me. We were staying in Mitte, though, and it is really out of the way. Have a good trip. Berlin is a wonderful city.