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Oct 19, 2010 09:21 AM

fun place for a group of grad students - upper east side

hey everyone, my brother and his friends will be in town and are looking for a fun place for about 15 people..think broke grad students..with some good food and drinks. something fun :) upper east would be best to be near the 456 trains. something other than just pub food...any ideas?

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  1. Well, you could just walking on 2nd or 3rd Avenue from about 75th to 90th and find literally dozens of place--but most will feature just pub grub. So, check out the menus on Brother Jimmy's, Blondies, Luke's, Stumble, Bounce, Jack Russells, Johnny Foxes. Patronizing the places on 2nd Ave will help them through a tough time 'cause of the s'way construction.

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        Cascabel is great, but getting a table for 15, even at the new larger location, will be a challenge as they do not take reservations.

      2. Tony's di Napoli-2nd and 83rd-Family style-Always hopping.

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          I wasn't too impressed the time I went there about a year ago. It was OK, definitely better than Carmine's (which I really dislike), but nothing great.

          I'm not that familiar with most restaurants on the Upper East Side, but to lemonyc: The 4, 5, and 6 also go to Union Square and the 6 goes to Astor Place. There are lots of inexpensive places in the East Village, and you can always get your drinks after dinner, too, as the neighborhood is good for barhopping.

          I guess the biggest difficulty with that large a group is the likelihood of being required to pay for a limited set menu that may be more expensive than an average dinner at the same establishment - something to think about, and possibly check out with restaurants you're interested in.

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            If the OP wants family style Italian on the UES, I would recommend Nick's (94th/2nd) over Tony di Napoli...